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7 scariest science facts that will scare the daylight of you

Facts can be intriguing and realistic, but here are a few facts that can scare and overwhelm you. How would you react if someone tells you that it’s a “fact” that you are empty inside? Or is there no such thing as reality?  Well, its reserved the reaction at  your discretion as we enlist a few scariest  science facts that will scare the daylight of you: 

1) 99% of us are empty space

Do you feel empty inside? If yes, because it is quite literal. How is that possible that we are full of cells, bones, skin, and organs and yet empty?  We are empty because the gaps between the atoms inside our bodies are huge, which implies that humans can easily get into the mass of a teaspoon of sugar. 

So from where do, we get our mass? Science explains that we all are made of atoms consisting of electrons, protons, and neutrons made of fundamental particles called quarks. Many scientists think that most of the mass of our bodies is generated from the kinetic energy of the quarks and the binding energy of the gluons.

2) Exploding head Syndrome-

What is Exploding Head Syndrome? The wheel of your brain must be thinking what syndrome is this? As the name suggests, the person who hears the sound of an explosion or loud noise like a gunshot, fireworks, thunder, or shouting. According to some researchers, it’s a neurological issue, while the rest think that it is a result of clinical fear and anxiety. People with high stress levels or a history of other sleep interruptions have a higher risk of having the exploding head syndrome.

3) 90% of cells in  the human body aren’t human 

Humans are composed of bacteria, fungus, and a whole host of unidentified things. These bacteria, fungus, and all other microbes constitute 90%. From hair to the skin they are everywhere in our bodies. No matter how disgusted you feel, it is scientifically proven that most of our bodies are microbial conscious brains to want to scream, “scrub away the germs,” they are responsible for activities in our brain.

4) Food that eats you back

If Pineapple is your favourite food then we suggest you not read this because it can be the biggest villain of your life. You must be thinking we are bluffing but it is true. But how can an innocent Pineapple eat us? Pineapple contains the enzyme called Bromelain which digests proteins. So when you eat pineapple. It’s essentially eating you back! But no need to be scared as when we swallow the Pineapple our digestive system destroys that acid.

5) There is no such thing as Reality

Yes, the plots of Interception, Dark, Chasing Einstein are real. According to The Theory of Relativity, the concept of reality is non-existing. There is no past, present, or future. Theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli claimed that time is only our perception and is not a physical reality.

6) Addicted Bees

Bees relish small amounts of caffeine and nicotine with their nectar.  Whether they do it for pollination is difficult to tell. A study states that the plants produced by natural selection have these addictive substances, which enables them to lure and not repel bees; this is an advantage to them which other plants cannot avail.

7) Invisibility

NO, we are not crazy! New research has confirmed that invisibility is now possible. To keep things hidden from more than one wavelength of light at a time is not an easy task. “If we want the performance of passive cloaks, there are other options,” Monticone explains. “Our group and others have been exploring active and nonlinear cloaking tech. Science advances by ruling out possibilities, and by working between an object’s transparency and its size, future researchers will now be able to work towards optimizing the performance of cloaking materials within these boundaries.

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