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The whole world is on the web today. However, the web world is way farther than it seems. There is something or the other that you would miss, some great stories, some great opinion pieces, some important news or some great interviews.

So, how would you come a little closer to these untouched stories that really matter?

How would you see the world that is unseen by most of us?

Well, nobody can promise you to show the whole world, but what is important is to see the world that matters and that is suppressed and rugged into the covers. SocioTab brings you such stories. Stories that fill your heart with rage, anger, love, warmth and sometimes all these emotions at one go. You would want to go out and challenge society to change and ask everyone to see that hidden truth. In this journey to explore the world through unveiling one story, one beat at a time, SocioTab aspires to be your partner.

In this age of the digital revolution, you might be bombarded with news stories every minute but there are many intriguing stories and important news which is not covered by mainstream media and we are here to explore and filter such news for you. SocioTab is a National News/Content Portal that covers stories from Politics and governance to social activism, sports, lifestyle, interactions and interviews.

Apart from your daily source of information, SocioTab strives to go one step ahead to bring forth detailed stories on ongoing/ relevant topics under ‘SocioTab Originals’. In this section, you can find a series of stories on topics such as:

  • Farmers protest
  • Animal rights
  • Life in a city
  • Conquering nation one at a time
  • Mental Health
  • Racism
  • Child rights
  • Gender equality
  • Cannabis
  • Gambling
  • Living in Stereotypes
  • Prostitution
  • Bollywood
  • UP and UK elections 2022

SocioTab takes pride in covering the Lifestyle section in an exclusive manner where you may say that SocioTab is a Chic Odyssey of fashion, trends, Decor and Travel Ideas. Furthermore, with ‘Wine n Dine‘ on can dive into mouth-watering food stories and explore from trendy to little-known places to eat. One very interesting aspect you will discover while exploring our web page is — The Bucket List. We all have a Bucket list, places we want to explore, things we want to do, books we want to read — all the unaccomplished aspirations make it to — The Bucket List. So, we offer you a series which you can add to that list of yours and you never know it turns out to be a wholesome experience. 

At SocioTab, we encourage and promise ourselves to empower others with the power we hold as a media group. So, with the ‘Living Limitless‘ segment on-board, SocioTab is among one of the few news/content portals in India providing the latest news updates/stories with the prime focus on the disability sector containing informative Assistive TechNews, analysis of government schemes/news and stories of inspiring personalities who overcame disability and are leading their lives limitlessly.

At SocioTab, we keep our stories succinct. We put forth the existing point of views and each side of the story with a practical suggestion. We believe in diversity and a space for debate and discussion. Hence, we are easily approachable for any exchange of ideas, thoughts or views with our readers. Reach out to us on social media or on email to share your unheard story or story you think is important for the world to know.

THINK, INDULGE & JOIN. Cheers to good journalism and real stories.

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