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An Eco-friendly Start-up in Hyderabad is Converting Waste into Assets

A vegetable and organic product market in Hyderabad is supervising 10 heaps of waste daily in a supportable way by changing over it into biogas and power. Throughout the most recent half-year, plenty of waste that is created each day is being converted into over 500 units of power. 

When you consider vegetable and natural product markets in India, you’re regularly met with untidy visuals of vegetable peelings fallen everywhere on the ground, groups and dealing sellers. The foul smell of additional and harmed produce lying on the ground isn’t just undesirable yet additionally sums up to huge loads of waste created by the day’s end.

How does it convert waste into a resource?

At a separate 30m x 40m viewing site, Ahuja Engineering Services Pvt Ltd. based in Hyderabad, an organization involved in producing biogas plants throughout India, has established a unit capable of rotating 10 heaps of waste generated each day.

“Although we have planted many biogas plants throughout India, this is the first of its kind. It was developed under the auspices of CSIR-IICT (Scientist and Indian Institute Of Chemical Technology) Chief Scientist Dr A Gangagni Rao. By using this patented technology, we are able to establish a unit that can operate at such a high level, ”said Sruthi Ahuja, director of Ahuja Engineering.

He adds that research using this technology has been conducted since 2012.

How does it work?

They first shred the waste, then it is soaked in a feed preparation tank to convert into a slurry.  Anaerobic bio-methanation is done through a process using a special culture (bacteria Consortium). Finally, in separate tanks biogas is collected and directed to the kitchen where the cooking is done. Biofuel is supplied into 100% biogas generators using water pumps, cold storage rooms, street lights and shops.

Dr Gangagni says, “In the longer term, there will be more markets where biogas plants will be introduced.”


Organizations like Ahuja Engineering Services, Vaayu-Mantra, Gps-renewables helps in making the earth a better and beautiful place by turning waste into biogas. In this way, the waste is also get renewed and we get biogas, which can be used in cooking, electricity and water heating, etc.

More and more biogas plants should be established by the government and organizations for a clearer environment and sustainable development.

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