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‘Beyond Heartbreaking’: The world responds to India’s Covid-19 crisis

As coronavirus cases are on a rise and India is breaking records each day with the daily covid-19 infections tally. The latest figures, as per the official website of the Ministry of family health and Welfare show the dreadful condition, where new cases reported grew to an all-time high of 3.6 lakhs (approx.) and 3,286 people lost their lives in the past 24 hours. 

This grim situation across India is being closely covered across the globe. Help has started pouring in from different countries across the globe, in various forms including medical supplies, liquid oxygen, personal protective equipment, oxygen plants, vaccine raw materials, and even vaccine doses too. The United Kingdom has pledged to supply 600 units of medical equipment to India including oxygen concentrators and ventilators whereas, The White House has put out an official statement regarding its concern for the situation in India and has said that the US will ensure the availability of raw materials required to produce the Covishield vaccine and will also ensure supply of test kits, PPE kits, masks, gloves and oxygen generation and related supplies in the coming days. 

Meanwhile, The European Commission has commented on the situation and said that a shipment of ‘urgently needed oxygen, medicine & equipment’ will be delivered to India by European Union Member States over coming days, which includes aid from France and Germany. Australia too has decided to donate up to 3000 ventilators and other equipment for medical staff.

Apart from this, leaders of many Asian nations, including our neighbours have expressed their concern on the current pandemic situation in India. 

The World Health Organisation (WHO) chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus recently said that the situation in India is ‘Beyond Heartbreaking.’ Further, while referring to the catastrophic impact of COVID-19 in India, he told the reporters that, “WHO is doing everything we can, providing critical equipment and supplies”. He said that the apex health body in the world is supplying “thousands of oxygen concentrators, prefabricated mobile field hospitals and laboratory supplies” and has transferred more than 2,600 of its experts from various programmes, including polio and tuberculosis, to work with Indian health authorities to help respond to the pandemic.

Celebrities and Leaders Across the World Express Solidarity to India

Global film star Priyanka Chopra Jonas tweeted:

“My heart breaks. India is suffering from COVID19 & the US has ordered 550M more vaccines than needed @POTUS @WHCOS @SecBlinken @JakeSullivan46 Thx for sharing AstraZeneca worldwide, but the situation in my country is critical. Will you urgently share vaccines w/ India? #vaxlive

Former Pakistani Cricketer Shoaib Akhtar also came forward to show solidarity with India and tweeted: “India is really struggling with Covid-19. Global support needed. Health care system is crashing. It’s a pandemic, we are all in it together. Must become each other’s support,” he tweeted along with a video urging people to donate and raise funds for India.

While, Australian cricketer Pat Cummins, who plays for KKR in IPL, donated $50,000 to the PM CARES fund in order to help Indian people in the COVID-19 crisis. He also posted a detailed statement on his Twitter account which read: 

“”India is a country I’ve come to love dearly over the years and the people here are some of the warmest and kindest I’ve ever met. To know so many are suffering so much at this time saddens me greatly.”

 “There has been quite a bit of discussion over here as to whether it is appropriate for the IPL to continue while COVID-19 infection rates remain high. I’m advised that the Indian Government is of the view that playing the IPL while the population is in lockdown provides a few hours of joy and respite each day at an otherwise difficult time for the country.As players, we are privileged to have a platform that allows us to reach millions of people that we can use for good. With that in mind, I have made a contribution to the “PM Cares Fund,” specifically to purchase oxygen supplies for India’s hospitals,” he informed.”I encourage my fellow IPL players — and anyone around else the world who has been touched by India’s passion and generosity — to contribute. I will kick it off with $50,000,” – He added.

US president Joe Biden Recently retweeted his NSA’s detailed statement on his talk with Indian NSA, and wrote “Just as India sent assistance to the United States as our hospitals were strained early in the pandemic, we are determined to help India in its time of need.”

US Vice President Kamala Harris has also tweeted and showed her commitment to support India. She tweeted: “The U.S. is working closely with the Indian government to rapidly deploy additional support and supplies during an alarming COVID-19 outbreak. As we provide assistance, we pray for the people of India—including its courageous healthcare workers.”

A very heartwarming gesture came from France recently where The Embassy of France has opened a dedicated mission to help India by providing critical COVID-19 healthcare support.

Many others in India and across the world have shown support for India in these tough times. Statements have also come in support of India from Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, Prime Minister of Pakistan,  Leaders of Bhutan, China, Canada, Russia, Australia, Singapore Ireland and France. Most of them have shown interest in cooperating with India in different ways and showed support and solidarity with Indian population.  

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