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Blogging can be a ‘fun’ dream job we all are looking for !

Going out and doing fieldwork even vlogging is not the wisest career option that should occupy your mind. Times are really tough and the best we can do is to stay at home and look for alternative methods of growing and building ourselves. 

More often than not, you must have come across the word Blogging and how it’s one the easiest ways of building passion and making money in return. The only thing you need is knowledge about the subject. The web is a revolution, it has opened the doors of the abundance of opportunities for you, you just need to extract it for yourself.

Blogging: The Pursuit of Happyness of millennials

Almost 65 per cent of India’s population are millennials. In its report, “Meet the Millennials”, KPMG states that millennials are the first generation to use the word “fun” to describe a dream job. They seem to like flexible work cultures and are open to honest communication. Blogging can be a ‘fun’ thing we all are looking for. 

Furthermore, you would rarely come across an individual who finds creative satisfaction at a 9–5 private job, and hence what adds is a dispirited work-life which eventually hampers your personal life. 

Hence, the millennial pursuit of happiness leads them to start a business of their own. It is also why more and more millennials are exploring how to start blogging in India.

What is Blogging?

Blogging pertains to writing, photography, and other media that’s self-published online. Blogging rose as an opportunity for individuals to write diary-style entries, but later it has been incorporated into websites for many businesses. The hallmarks of blogging include frequent updates, informal language, and opportunities for readers to engage and start a conversation.

 Are you bored of the lockdown and looking for alternative methods to earn money? Blogging from home is the simplest way to add up some extra buck and engage with the audiences and open up discussions. 

One of the most attractive career choices for independent-minded Indian millennials is blogging. Blogging in India is growing at a rapid pace and is finally being considered a mainstream career. Many young Indians are now looking at blogging as a business and many bloggers are even surpassing the annual income of executive-level employees!

With a future in blogging looking so bright, are you missing out on the ever-growing blogging bandwagon!

The process of setting up a blog

1) What’s your niche?

Choosing a topic or subject is one of the most crucial steps in blogging. Always make sure you choose a niche which appeals to you and is interesting to write about. Don’t blindly choose a niche thinking you can make a lot of money by blogging about it. This is simply not a sustainable approach.

Here are a few factors to consider before choosing a niche.

  • What do you love to talk about?
  • Do you know enough about it to continually keep blogging on the topic?
  • Can you improvise on that topic by adding value to it?
  • Can you keep your blog aligned with the trends and ongoing topics in India?

Once you have an answer to these questions, you’re all set to become a blogger for that niche. If you are wondering how to start in India, start with something that interests you the most. Your niche could be anything, such as a travel blog, fashion blog, review blog, news blog etc.

2) Did you pick the right name?

A few factors which you need to consider when you are picking your blog name.

  • What is your blog going to be about?
  • Your target audience? (This is also important for SEO)
  • What is your blog going to talk about?
  • Will you also find the same social media usernames?

Where are you blogging?

This is one of the most important decisions of your blogging career, where to blog? Choose wisely


  • WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms out there. It is also one of the biggest blogging platforms in the world with countless plugins and add-ons. You can also choose from a wide range of designs and layouts for your blog.
  • Blogger- This is another platform to start blogging from. One of the popular sites for the blogger. 
  • Tumblr- Tumblr combines the interactive fun of social media with the serious business of Blogging. It is also super simple to use.

We can also be a food, fashion or lifestyle blogger in on of the most loved social media platform.— Instagram

5) The only place you need the — Traffic 

You need the audience to see, read and evaluate you ideas and hence, its calls for — TRAFFIC. A successful blog is not just made out of great writing, but marketing and selling that content to the desirable audience too. 

Make your content invincible by following a few steps: 

a) I’ M HERE! Make your presence felt

Comment on other blogs and stay active on social media platforms and groups. This can help significantly in bringing traffic to your own blog.

b) I’ve got what you need! Marketing and Promotion

All your hard work is in vain if it is not marketed and promoted properly. Always make it a point to promote your blog on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Always post links to your blog to grab attention.

c) What are you searching for? ME? Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Be mindful that your blog is SEO optimized. You can do so by using common search queries throughout your writing. This way your blog will appear on the top of search engine result pages, and more people are likely to read your posts. You can use Google Analytics or any other traffic statistics software to monitor this traffic.

6) Monetize your blog

Blogging is more than just passion now, it’s a full-fledged business. Now that you have a blog, which fulfils every parameter to become successful, you can move on to focusing on monetizing it. Gone are the days when blogging was only a passion project.

Some real money can be made through blogging. There are a number of ways to monetize your blog. Here are some of them:

a) Become an Influencer

 Influencers are ruling the blogging sector now and Instagram is one of the popular sites . Influencer marketing is when brands connect with popular bloggers and influencers to promote products through original articles, reviews, videos & social media posts to share with their followers.

With massive internet penetration in India and steady rise, investment in digital has skyrocketed the growth of influencer marketing in India.

b) Freelance

When you continuously write on a niche in your blog, many websites, newspapers contact you to write articles for them and in return pay you a good amount. 

 Through freelancing, you can earn money with your skills and expertise. For example, if you have a fashion blog that is doing well, you can write for fashion lifestyle websites.

c) Running ads on your blog

After directing decent traffic to your blog, register yourself Google AdSense, BuySellAds and display ads on your blog and set a price for the ads. 

Advertisers will directly get in touch with you in case of direct ads, saving you the cost of a mediator. You will be paid a commission every time your reader clicks on an ad. You can choose to charge these advertisers on either a weekly or monthly basis. 

Blogging is a great amalgam of professional and casual work, all you need is a comfy place, good coffee, wifi and your laptop. There you go, you just started a business which after a while will produce a good amount. Envision your dream and passion by building your blog from a flexible casual environment, while you network with like-minded professionals!

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