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Britney Spears- A rebel, way ahead of her time. #FreeBritney

“Everytime you look at me, my heart is jumping and it’s easy to see…you drive me crazy”- the very first and foremost line that continuously plays in my mind everytime someone mentions Britney. She is still amongst top iconic pop stars with back to back hits. There was a time when anything Britney touched was turned into gold, for instance, the level of her popularity was such that it was reported that her chewed gum was sold at a website. Yes, you read it right. The 90’s and early 00’s era were hugely dominated by Britney Spears, from her music to her personal life, whatever Britney did made it to the headlines. ‘Circus’, ‘If you seek amy’, ‘Oops I did it again’, ‘gimme more’ are some of her songs that are still played on repeat and loved by many. Media wanted to know her every  move, constantly keeping a watch of her daily routines.Even the popular talk shows she attended were constantly flooded with questions on her virginity where the host blatantly asked questions about who she is sleeping with and about her boob jobs  and much more.  Even in halloween, Britney looks are most frequently used which reflects her humongous popularity till date.

However, Since 2007, the pop icon of the 90’s has been in a conservatorship. Conservatorship is granted by court when a person is unable to make their own decisions. Under this, another person takes all the decisions for the concerned person. In Britney’s case it is her father who is the conservator, making him take all the decisions related to her personal affairs. 

How it all started?

In 2007, Britney had a infamous meltdown where she shaved her head and attacked the paparazzi with an umbrella. Plus, the media scrutinized her for literally everything, for instance her clothes, her songs, music video, personal affairs, boyfriends etc all heavily credited as a bad influence on teenagers.Due to the negative publicity she lost custody of her sons. All these factors portrayed her as mentally unstable and her father stepped ahead to be the conservator for Britney. 

Lately the #freebritney movement has been on the rise. During the early months of 2020, an anonymous phone call disclosed some instances that showed how her father along with the rest of the team mistreated Britney. Since then Britney fans initiated a movement and started marching the streets and dominated the social media to end the legal boundation of Britney, including A-list celebrities like Miley Cyrus etc who are raising their voice to support Britney.

But what the world couldn’t realise at that point in time was that Britney was as human as everyone else, she was just way ahead of her time,the lyrics that she wrote and her vocals were so soft and unique that can make anyone her ultimate fan.She was known as being bold and fierce and a great mom to her sons.

 Her fierce femininity was indigestible to the public, and they all congregated to cut the feathers of a bright young star who could have achieved so much more in life.  Britney who may be imprisoned but nobody will ever be able to capture her free spirit. Britney, a woman who boldly celebrated her curves, femininity awaits her freedom from a crime she didn’t commit. 

What does the future hold?

As per many fans theory, Britney has been forced into conservatorship and wanting to get out of it for 13 years now. An artist who successfully completed a world tour, gave back to back  megahits albums and 4 year long Vegas residency in which she performed 248 shows, was on a judging panel in X-factor and needed someone else to make her decision on her behalf. This all fuelled the #freebrintey movement even more. The movement was actually started way back 2009 from a Britney fan site, where some fans ran a campaign to free Britney from her father’s obligations. Now that movement is gaining momentum again with full force, her father came out to defend himself but damage was already done. People were not convinced and rallied the streets to open aninvestrigaton on her father Jamie Spears along with the resort of her team (Larry Rudolph, Lou Taylor). 

Due to the unrest the tides have changed, in the last court hearing her father has lost full control over her finances. Judge has appointed Bessemer a financial fiduciary as a co-conservator along with her father. But there is a long road ahead to finally free the icon from this prison. 

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