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celebrate gender inclusivity with men’s summer skincare Essentials

Skincare has always been a buzzword when it comes to demand and sales. What is confusing is that grooming and skincare has always been considered a ‘ladies business’. There are myriads of brands offering skincare products to ladies. But when it comes to men’s grooming or skincare, the market is still at a growing stage. Thanks to influencers and media personalities for normalizing men’s skincare. Through their constant effort people have finally come to realize the importance of grooming in one’s life irrespective of the gender. 

Skincare should be gender inclusive, everyone deserves a healthy, glowing, radiant skin. Lately, people as well as brands have realised the demand of grooming and skincare products among men. 

It’s no secret that we as a society have always pushed a narrative of being feminine or girly whenever a guy shows interest in skincare or grooming. Skin is a skin no matter what the gender is, it needs everything as much as other gender’s skin. However, the future looks bright as many gender neutral brands such as Fenty skin, Gucci beauty etc have proved that we must start including men too when it comes to beauty as well as skincare. 

So, if you are someone who doesn’t adhere to the preconceived notion of men’s skincare and want to take care of yourselves this summer then we have got you the best skincare summer essentials that are a must for your skin to keep it smooth and pimple free. 


No wash face wash–  The unique formula absorbs quickly in your skin leaving it clean and dirt-free. Plus the refreshing, oceany fragrance, will instantly lift up your mood. This can be your new favorite during summer when we are constantly under the sun with no proper face wash regime during the day. One single drop can go a long way, massage it directly onto your skin, no water is required just wipe it off after massaging it 1-2 minutes.

Ultraglow face washThe rich foaming face wash is quite light as compared to other face washes. It doesn’t strip out the essential oils your face needs, leaving it smooth, radiant and clean. Men have thicker skin as compared to women. So, a foaming face wash is highly recommended to men especially in summers. The formula removes excess oil and dirt, brightens skin tone and controls oil on your skin. 

De-tan peep off maskOne thing everyone hates in summer is unnecessary tanning on your face as well as body. This de-tan peel off mask removes dead skin cells, blackheads, white heads and tanning. Apply once a week to see better results.Coffee extracts rejuvenate the skin while Aloe Vera heals and soothes and protects the skin from harmful effects of sun. 

Godfather perfumeFragrances are a make or break deal. It’s the first thing anyone notices about you. Summer also brings a lot of sweat and body odour. So combat those barriers with the irresistible godfather perfume. It contains notes of mint, geranium, lemon, vetiver and musk. The perfume has a good longevity that can last throughout the day. 

Ultraglow all-In-1 men’s face lotionYou need moisturizer even in summers plus sunscreen should be included in your skincare regime. The Ultraglow all-in-1 lotion is one stop solution to all your problems. It hydrates and moisturizes your skin, lightens your skin tone and protects you from harmful UV rays. The lotion is very light with excellent fragrance and absorbs very quickly in your skin. 


Argan peppermint hair creamAn earthy fragrance with a burst of peppermint, the hair saver cream is made with hemp seed oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, peppermint essential oils. It protects your hair from UV rays and dirt, pollution. Plus regular massage also stimulates hair growth. It can be applied before as well as after shower. I suggest using it before shower to see better results. It leaves your hair clean, shiny and smooth. 

Beard and Mooch cream Beard is becoming a new trend that every man wants to attain. In order to take care of your beard use a Satliva beard and Mooch cream. It promotes beard growth and keeps itching and dryness at bay. It is packed with the richness of hemp seed oil, mango butter, argan oil, beeswax, geranium oil, and tea tree oil. The scent is not that heavy, something that you will linger throughout your day. 


Brightening Pore SerumThe high-performance blemish care serum with a non-sticky watery formula, containing 10.1% of triple vitamin derivatives and Jeju Hallabong peel extract. The serum contains Jeju Hallabong peel extract and effectively helps in tackling blemishes while giving a subtle glow. Teaming with the synergy of triple vitamin derivatives and hyaluronic acid, the serum makes the skin clear and firm. Its #AllBlemishCare effect is backed by clinical trials.

Green Tea Seed SerumThe global best-selling lightweight yet nourishing serum instantly replenishes your skin’s moisture for a soft, glowing complexion. Formulated with a blend of Jeju Green Tea extract and Green Tea Seed Oil that work together to help maintain skin’s delicate balance and retain moisture longer.

The Man company 

Lightening Lip Balm  Lips are an important  part of your face and we should not forget it. Harsh UV rays and dirt can make your lips dark and pigmented, also for those who smoke are always on a look out for any lip lightening remedy. The man company vitamin-E and liquorice oil lip balm only nourishes your lps but also helps in removing the dark pigmentation from your lips. It protects your lips from sun damage and prevents it from getting chapped.

Aegte Lifescience   

Skin perfection anti-acne skin treatment Made with 100% natural ingredients, Aegte anti acne treatment helps in fading out dark spots, breakouts and activates cell repair. A lightweight, cooling gel is suitable to leave it overnight in order to work it effectively. 

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