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Did you know about the places nobody is allowed to visit?

The world has some of the most beautiful places to explore. The jaw-dropping sceneries, beautiful lakes, sky touching mountains can simply make the earth feel like heaven. Even though the world now has advanced technology and better transportation methods, there are still a few places that are pretty much unexplored by humans or have been long-forgotten. Some of these places are home to military bases, spying secrets, or have been forbidden to the public because of being legally haunted.

See below for a list of captivating places that nobody is allowed to visit:

SNAKE ISLAND, BRAZIL: Apart from Brazilian Carnivals, Amazon rainforest, Football among others, Brazil is known for its dangerous Snake Island as well. Ilha da Queimada Grande, also known as Snake Island is home to a dense population of one of the world’s deadliest snakes. For the safety of people, the Brazilian government doesn’t allow visitors, and a doctor is mandatory on the team for any research purposes. The golden viper’s venom is poisonous enough to melt human flesh around the bite. Even though the island is small in size, only 43 hectares, it is claimed there is one snake per square meter in certain areas.

NORTH SENTINEL ISLAND, INDIA: It is one of the Andaman Islands, most of which are Indian territories. However, the island is protected by Sentinelese, an indigenous people who volunteer and don’t allow any outsiders in their area. There have been reports of the tribe shooting arrows at passing helicopters and killing every outsider. The Andaman and Nicobar Administration stated that they have no intention to interfere with the habitat of the Sentinelese and want no further contact with them in 2005. The island is thought to have been there for 60,000 years and is still unexplored.

•AREA 51, NEVADA: The American desert is suspected to have alien activities. However, the officials still haven’t revealed what type of research goes on. Even though you can get a bird’s eye view of the spot on Google maps, the tight security makes it impossible for anyone to sneak in. The officials are allowed to visit Area 51 on private planes but they still keep the windows drawn until landing. Following the Freedom of Information Act, the CIA publicly acknowledged the existence of the base for the first time in 2013.

ROOM 39, NORTH KOREA:  Even though North Korea doesn’t seem to be on someone’s visiting list, it still has one of the unexplored places in the world. Room 39 is said to be located inside the Workers Party building in Pyongyang. Not much official data has been released about the place due to the secrecy of its activities; it is said that it raises funds through commercial enterprises. The activities can be both legal and illegal ranging from the sale of drugs or weapons as well. It is estimated to contribute up to 2 Billion Dollars a year to North Korea through the networks present in various parts of the world. “Room 39 is one of the most secret organizations in arguably the world’s most secretive state”, said Journalist Kelly Olsen. 

BHANGARH FORT, INDIA: The fort is located in between Jaipur and Alwar in Rajasthan and is known for being the most haunted place in India. It was built by the ruler of Amber Kachwaha for his youngest son in 1573 and its population diminished until 1783 when famine forced the villagers to leave the place. Locals have stated that the reason for the troubles was that the fort was cursed. However, a government permit is required to be able to enter before dawn or after sundown. It is believed that if a person enters the fort after sunset he/she will never come back. Therefore, the doors are always locked after dusk. While it is said that the real reason for the issue is wild animals such as tigers and the lack of artificial lighting in the area, nothing stops villagers from believing that the place is haunted.

SURTSEY ISLAND, ICELAND: The Surtsey was formed because of a violent volcanic eruption in 1963. It is one of the youngest islands on the planet. According to UNESCO, around 89 species of birds and 335 invertebrates populate the area. To save this development, only researchers are allowed to visit the place. A Surtsey Research Society’s research has estimated that according to the current rate of erosion, the island could be at sea level by the year 2100.

•NORTH BROTHER ISLAND, UNITED STATES: The place was once the city’s quarantine hospital and from 1951, it served as a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts until 1963. Access is forbidden to the island without prior authorization as all of the buildings are in a dangerous state of deterioration. In 1963, North Brother Island was abandoned and became the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation property.

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