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From Atheism to Astrology: Astrologer Siddharth’s take on life, struggles and its prediction

Probably, the first question that would pop in your mind —is astrology still relevant? Well, the answers to all your questions are here. Is there any science behind astrology? Do people actually believe in astrology? Everything. Astrology is a very intriguing topic to discuss, debate and dwell upon. It has multiple layers, each more complex than the other perhaps. It may answer your lingering questions or it may leave you with hope– each astrology experience is unique in itself. It may calm somebody, it may leave someone tenser. But today we are not going to talk about the experiences of people with astrologers today we will explore the realms of astrologers’ minds. A mind that predicts the future. A mind that probably knows you better than yourself. 

Furthermore, in India, we have a certain image associated with an astrologer, a middle-aged man rubbed with pious dust and vermilion on his forehead, with a saffron-coloured turban on his head, dark and long whiskers. Well, that is some serious preconceived notion that we need to re-address. In our conversation with Siddharth, withholding a passion for Science and Technology and practising astrology.

We interviewed Astrologer Siddharth Bhadauria. He co-founded The Indian Astrology with his friend Shubham Srivastava. We will try to dive deep into the topic and try to understand how astrology actually works.

The motto of The Indian Astrology is ” we are a team of young professionals, and we are expanding every day. The aim of our business is to reach as many people as we can who need help in understanding the situation in their lives through astrology. Sometimes when you are confused, astrology can have the solution. We don’t do miracles, we just analyse your horoscope and provide genuine solutions. We will be glad to see you on board.”

Siddharth pursued astrology after completing engineering in 2015.  However, Siddharth may have started astrology in 2015, he had a knack for it since his childhood.  

In conversation with Sociotab, Siddharth opened up about his challenges, predictions techniques, funniest queries and much more: 


How are science and astrology linked to each other, according to you? 

If you look closely, there are a lot of similarities between science and astrology. Just like we study probability in mathematics, astrology is largely based on probability. It is a science of probability, we have to do calculations to get the most probable solution from astrology.  To connect astrology with science, then the most suitable science will be Astrophysics. There are many ancient texts that tell us about the behaviour of planets which proves to be true later on with science. However, one should keep in mind that astrology doesn’t give you the exact solution, but you can draw the most probable solution. It can guide you in what you should prefer.

In India, people want a full proof solution to their problems, so how do you deal with that?

Actually, that is my biggest challenge to convince people that it is just a guiding tool and not the exact map of your life. The biggest challenge is to make people understand how to cope up with their rough patches. People do not accept that they will ever face tough times but we all have to face it. It will not change. When I started, it was really difficult to make them understand these things.  To work on this, I started taking classes on how to counsel people. Different people have different approaches to dealing with problems, ranging to extremities like suicidal thoughts. It is a very serious issue.

So, do you forbid telling probable realities/ tough times to people?

 It depends on the person, I get an idea from their behaviour whether they can take it or not, and I deal accordingly. If I feel that the person is emotionally strong, I remain honest with them about the bad and good times. “Yeh time bura hai, par yeh time accha ho jayega.”  If I feel that the person will not be able to take the truth, I still remain honest but I convey it gently and slowly so that they can grasp it. In such cases, counselling comes into play. 

myths around astrology

What are the myths around astrology?

There are a lot of myths around astrology, to be honest. One profound myth would be, Kaal Sarp Dosh. A lot of people believe it to be true. It is nowhere mentioned in our ancient texts and is not a part of astrology. It was formulated by some astrologers 20 years ago and today it is a big business. Likewise, there are a lot of myths created and spread for the sake of doing business. 

What is Kaal Sarp Dosh exactly?

According to astrology, when all the planets (Griha) get sandwiched between Rahu and Ketu, then a person shows signs of Kaal Sarp Dosh in his/her natal chart. It has spread a lot of fear amongst people.

This is nowhere in astrology in our ancient text. It was formulated by some astrologers 20 years ago and today it is a very good business. It includes expensive poojas.  It is controversial for me to say this and I may offend a lot of people but I really don’t believe in this and it is nowhere in our ancient texts.  

Since you predict everybody’s life, have you ever predicted yours?

 I have tried predicting, ( Siddharth admits laughingly ) but there is one thing mentioned in our ancient texts that just like a doctor cannot perform an operation on himself/herself, similarly an astrologer cannot analyze their own Kundali, no matter how much we try. It is always enveloped with biasedness.  To be honest, in the early phase I had the knowledge but I never checked mine;  I was in denial, I thought I am the ‘choose one,’ these rules do not apply to me. After 2014, when I was going through some rough patches, and  I matched my past circumstances, it was quite accurate. This led to the strengthening of my belief and hence, after 2015 I started it professionally. I wanted to make people aware of astrology and tell them about its significance. It can help you cope up with situations as you will be mentally prepared for them and astrology helps you in that. 

You must have dealt with a lot of different cases and must have met different types of people. Can you tell me about the moment you were truly satisfied with your job as an astrologer?

We also have clients of different religions and they are highly satisfied with the astrological predictions of their past and future. We highly respect their religious belief and it also gave me immense pleasure that I was able to convey the message that astrology is the same for everyone.

Fortunately, there are a lot of moments like these. Mostly this year, I have received a lot of positive feedback, my predictions were true related to my client’s career, marriages etc.  There was one client who was worried about his marriage. I predicted that he will only get married in 2021 and he got married this year, so he gave positive feedback.

Does dealing with new people frequently teach you something new as well? 

There are quite a few things actually. For example, how the change in planets creates new situations. So while reading their kundali, if I don’t know about anything, I can learn the probable situation due to certain planetary movements. It is constantly a learning experience.  Astrology is a huge field and you cannot have knowledge about each and everything. You learn a few things with time. For example, a condition where the Rahu is in the seventh house or entering the seventh house, which is related to marriages, I used to think it is okay. However, after analysing so many kundalis I can say that with 99.9% surety that such marriages don’t work. This is also a challenge,  I feel that may be due to my lack of knowledge I may misinterpret and so I examine it very carefully.  Whenever I am unsure of anything, I reschedule the meetings so that I am 100% sure of the predictions. 

What have been the scenarios during Covid times?

Yes, there was a huge increase in the number of clients during the first lockdown. My schedule was jam-packed.  The maximum query was related to finances and career during that time. I think people were in a lot of debt at that point in time so the most common question was related to debt clearance and reassurance about their financial stability. 

The funniest queries you have come across while dealing with clients?

 The first question that comes to mind and was asked by not one but a number of female clients was about remedies for their pimples. That was quite funny for me. 

How mythology and astrology are linked and how God fits in?

For some time I was an atheist. I was very much into science and had a keen interest in physics. I observed one thing,  Einstein’s theory of Relativity which says that time is relative—in other words, the rate at which time passes depends on your frame of reference.  That is already there in our scriptures in one form. 

Another example was written in Hanuman Chalisa, “Yug Sahasra Yojana Par Bhanu, Leelyo taahi Madhura Phal jaanu”. It does mean that Hanuman has travelled a far distance such as Yug x Sahasra x Yojana to meet Bhanu, the sun thinking it to be a sweet fruit. These are some measuring units. This is exactly the distance calculated by NASA to reach the Sun from the Earth.

These things shaped my belief and it is strengthening with each passing day. 

 People come to astrology to escape when they face tough times. Why?

Yes, true. I, myself, was ignorant back in my college days when life was smooth and there wasn’t much to worry about. But I came back to it once I struggled.  I think what brings people back to astrology, mythology and god is when they think things are not in their control. Their efforts are not producing results and the situation is just not in their hands. I think at that point in time they seek external forces or understand that some external forces are governing their destiny. 

A lot of people say that the course of your future changes if you know about it, is it true?

I beg to differ. An astrologer can tell you the end goal, but nobody can tell you the exact course of action to reach that path. The endpoint won’t change, whether you know it or not, your destiny will take you to that end goal only. Destiny will create such circumstances. Yes, you will be a little cautious. For example,  when I was going through rough times in 2018, but I thought I had it under control that I could conquer it. There was a bias, but it was all fruitless. My efforts went in vain and it all went like the way it was destined— tough. 

 “Jo hona hai woh hoga waise hi.”  Knowing that this time will be tough helps you cope up with it. It comes as a blessing.   

Future of astrology

I often ponder on this myself and haven’t found a concrete answer. Sometimes, I feel that with the advancement in science and technology, people are distancing themselves from astrology, god and moving nearer to atheism. Having said that, this thought is often governed by seeing the current circumstances, that in the end, people turn to hope, the external spiritual energy answering their question and giving them hope for better days and faith to keep going.  

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