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“From Not Been Taken Seriously In A Business Meeting or Being Rejected For A Business Idea I Faced Gender Stereotyping All Along.”

Rupali Sharma

As celebration of Women’s Day has officially begun, its time to celebrate women who are succeeding their business as well as inspiring young girls to be self-dependent. One of them is Rupali Sharma, who started her career in HR after completing her master’s in MBA and graduating from Delhi University with English Hons. She has always been a Nature lover and is surrounded by nature and herbal alternatives since childhood. Her Grandmother used to ground and crush natural alternatives for acne treatment, skin tan, hair fall, rough hair, this made Rupali believe and trust Nature more than readymade market products.  

This has risen a thought in her mind to shape Natural and Herbal Ingredients into Skin & Hair Care Brand and that’s how Aegte Lifescience came into existence.

Started with a single product, Premium Onion Oil in 2018 on Amazon, the company has added more than 30 products in the portfolio adding products for skin, hair, and body.  The company has accumulated a total of 15 Crore Turnover and is eyeing to target 50 Crore in the coming fiscal year.

We sat down with Rupali Sharma, Founder and C.E.O Aegte Lifescience to know more about her business as a women entrepreneur. Keep scrolling

Question- From a single onion oil to multi product brand, walk us through your journey towards Aegte.

Answer- We launched Premium Onion Oil in 2018 with a blend of 100% Natural formulation and botanical herbs. The product did amazing result to the people and suddenly we went out of stock. This gap gave opportunity to other players but we believe our ingredients and the quality is always appreciable.

With every product, we intend to give quality and result to the users and all our products are meant to treat specific skin or hair concern and this give us confidence to introduce varied of myriad range to reach to every home.

Question- What are the future plans for your brand?

Answer- We want ‘Aegte’ to be known as one-stop destination for skin and wellness; We are also planning to launch health care products to offer healthy and holistic way of lifestyle to the people. As all our products are based on quality and result, we want to change the definition of beauty by offering products to suit inner and outer beauty.

24K Gold Vitamin C Face serum
From left to right- 24K Gold Vitamin C Face serum, Glass skin sunscreen SPF 50+, Anti-acne treatment gel

Question- Ayurveda and natural skincare are in huge demand in India right now, what you have say about this.

Answer- Yes, people are falling back to Ayurveda and natural skincare as they have become more aware of the benefits, they offer without causing any undue side effects from harsh chemicals. Today’s customer is more mature and aware of the offering our mother nature has; so the trust towards age old homemade solution and Ayurveda has increased.

Also post Covid-19, there is a rise of people searching and reading about Natural Herbs and we believe this will help us educate about the ingredients we are using in the product formulations.

Question- What message you want to give to all the women’s who want to stand on their own feet’s and make a living out their own business.

Answer- I always say, “We all have a Wonder Women inside of us”. For far too long women have been underappreciated for their role as homemaker and they have felt the need of being financially independent.

So I would say ladies; first appreciate for who you are. Do not look for validation outside and believe in yourself. Let no one tell you what is right and wrong. Be confident and trust your judgment. One day you will be recognised for the decisions you made. You have managed to run your household so well, if you can do that then you are already an experienced entrepreneur.

Question- What feminism means to you?

Answer- People talk about Feminism and how it will make women strong. Women are already strong, so what if nature has made us gentle from outside, we are strong from inside. Feminism is about changing the way that strength is being perceived.

Question- How women’s can be empowered in India?

Answer- I believe by providing equal rights to basic education is the most important step. There are still some places in India where women are not allowed to get education and speak about their rights. So, we believe Education and a good guidance is very important because women are the base of a family and they need to have that confidence and energy to push other members in the right direction.

Question- As a woman, did you face any hurdles while following your dreams?

Answer- Gender biasness and stereotyping were the main challenges I faced. From not been taken seriously in a business meeting or being rejected for a business idea. You need to be really strong headed to not lose confidence in yourself when you see biasness around you.

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