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From Runway To YouTube

Video content will be the next big thing. As a fashion lover, you would always look for things that can give you a sneak peek behind the oh so glamorous career. Earlier Fashion models can only be found either on the runway or on the covers of glossy magazines.

However, now every model is shifting towards social media to enhance their presence and have their own voice rather than just relying on their publicist.

So, here is a list of major fashion models that you seriously need to check out if you want to know what it takes to be a model nowadays.-

Karlie Kloss

Internationally acclaimed and former Victoria’s Secret model started her channel back in 2015. Her content mostly revolves around her life as a high fashion runway model, daily vlogs, D.I.Y recipes, vegan cookies and above all her coding initiative Kode with Klossy.

If you are looking for a sneak peek behind fashion week, amazing stories behind her Met Gala and runway looks then this is your go-to channel.

Lily Aldridge

Starting in 2019, Lily always loved watching mom or mom-to-be vlogs. So last year she decided to have her own YouTube channel. She makes videos about her life in quarantine, how to lift your mood in lockdown, behind the scenes photo shoots or fashion shows, skin-care routine, tips on makeup, tips on how to get into modelling.

Looking for some tips on makeup, skincare, décor ideas then you must check out lily’s channel, she shares great tips in her videos.

Romee Strijd

Current Victoria’s Secret Angel, Romee started as a vlogger in 2017. Her channel has the most subscribers than any other fashion model’s channel.

In her videos, she usually talks about her life as VS angel, backstage vlogs of fashion shows, daily vlogs, and fitness regime, what she eats in a day.

Recently she announced her pregnancy through her channel followed by a gender reveals video.

 Jasmine Tookes

Another Victoria’s Secret Angel, Jasmine started her channel in 2016 as a more of beauty, fashion and travel vlogs. Her content includes makeup hacks, travel vlogs, tips on weight loss, VSFS moments and many more. Jasmine became the 3rd black model ever to wear a fantasy bra during the 2016 VS fashion show.

Make sure to head over to her channel to know more about what it takes to be Victoria’s Secret angel and how to exercise and diet to be a runway model.

Kelly Gale

This emerging young talent is best known for her work in Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret campaigns. Started her channel in 2018 but became quite active during quarantine. She mostly posts about her workout regime.

Due to lockdown, she started sharing home workout sessions, diet tips, beauty tips and abs workouts that can be done anywhere.

If you want to know how to achieve a model-like figure then Kelly is the best fitness and food YouTuber you can think of. Unlike other fitness models, she mostly relies on natural alternatives rather than chemical-based.

Naomi Campbell

The world became more jovial when Naomi Campbell, Queen of the runway herself started her YouTube channel in 2018.

Her content mostly focuses on the upliftment of women in society, inviting guest speakers to discuss important issues like diversity, racism etc.

Unlike other celebrities, her main aim behind YouTube is to bring attention to bigger issues like women and children healthcare and non-profit initiatives she associated with within her life.

Her career spanning for almost 3 decades Naomi now works for many non-profit organizations to bring changes in the lives of people in underdeveloped countries.

Martha Hunt

Martha started her channel in 2019.

Her videos consist of her childhood memories, vlogs, morning routine, skincare routine, tips on makeup, how to do your red carpet look, décor ideas, Q&A with fans and much creative interesting content around modelling.

Martha continues to work as a model as well as a YouTuber.

Devon Windsor

She previously featured in docu-series revolving around supermodels. The show helped her to put on the map. Later she moved to YouTube to provide more insight into her personal life. Devon is known for her interest in food and cooking.

She mostly shares her cooking recipes on her channel. Besides that, she uploads videos on her workout regime, makeup tricks and seasonal looks. If you want to try out new cooking recipes then make sure to check out her channel.

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