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Home Away from Home: The evolving concept of Tourism

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In the post covid era, the popularity of homestays has increased. If you are planning a holiday, and want to live away from all the tourist places that are full of crowds, then opt for a lovely and peaceful homestay. Homestay is a home away from home which is perfect for an affordable holiday.

A homestay is to stay as a paying guest in someone’s home for a short time. It has given a new concept to tourism. Guests are provided with affordable accommodation and services by individual families. For the people who want to have a relaxing and peaceful holiday, homestay is perfect for them.

People nowadays want a place that is homely and wants to experience the local culture, such as cooking food or following local traditions, which is what every tourist demand these days. Travellers want affordable and quiet places rather than luxury stays.

Reason for the sudden popularity of Home Stay

• Personalised service- Services in a Homestay is very homely. You get special personalised services. Following our Vedic culture, ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ or ‘Guests are God,’ they welcome their guests with love and give personalized care and service.


Home cooked food- Quintessential culture of India is making food for guests with love. In Homestay, you can get home-cooked food. You can ask for anything you want to eat. Enjoying the local authentic food that is too homemade is complete bliss.

Home cooked food

• Improves mental health- Staying in a quiet and authentic place improves mental health. Away from all the hustle-bustle, homestays provide peace to mind and body.

how to improve mental health

• Authentic approach- Nowadays, every tourist place is full of chaos. At Homestay, you get introduced to the old folk stories, the folk culture there, and get a chance to visit those beautiful places which are not discussed outside.

Authentic approach

•Help to boost the rural economy- Homestays has given a chance of earning to the local people because when you opt for a homestay, then you directly help to increase the rural economy.

Help to boost the rural economy

• Enjoy local culture- Living with local people in a homestay, helps you connect with their local culture. In India, every culture has its own beauty. When you live with people of different cultures, you get to know and enjoy it.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, small local rentals and homestay are becoming very popular nowadays. The tourism industry has seen a drastic downfall at this time. The government is working to promote Homestay. It is encouraging and making people aware of the Homestays concept. Every state government is also helping to promote homestay. From giving loans to interested people to make their services better, to giving incentives, the government has encouraged a lot. In 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked tech-savvy youths to emulate the pattern of app-based cab aggregators to exploit the vast tourism potential of India by promoting the concept of homestays. Similarly in 2020, in a bid to standardise the homestay sector, the West Bengal government announced an incentive of Rs 1.5 lakh each to the ones that get registered. 

The concept of work from home has helped people to work from anywhere, so Homestay has given a new concept to people who want to work from beautiful and quiet home destinations. Himachal and Uttarakhand are trending destinations for working people.

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