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Jellyfishbot: A Sea Trash Sucking Robot

remote controlled boat

Jelly fish bot

Let us introduce you to Jellyfishbot, a remote-controlled boat that is about the size of a suitcase, and it engulfs the trash into a net that it “trails behind its twin hulls.”

The tourist port at Cassis, southern France, is a place of striking beauty but along with that it offers the striking reality that demotes its sight: plastic packs, dumped drinking bottles, and now used surgical masks which float in the water along with the boats.

However, the port has resorted to an advanced solution to cater to the problem.

The port has deployed a bright yellow remote-controlled electric powered boat that moves around the port sucking the waste into a net that trails behind its twin hulls.

Benefits of Jellyfishbot

The Jellyfishbot can get into the corners and narrow spaces, areas where trash gets accumulated and is out of reach for the cleaners with nets.

“It can go everywhere,” said Nicolas Carlesi, who has a Ph.D. in undersea robotics and whose company, IADYS, created the boat.

The little Jellyfishbot operated by remote control cleans the water by collecting trash was deployed in the port of Cassis, southern France on July 5, 2021.

“Jellyfishbot” is functional in around 15 French ports, and has been exported to countries including Singapore, Japan, and Norway, according to Carlesi’s company. Furthermore, an autonomous version is launched by the firm.

According to the official IADYS website, “the robot has a range of around 400 meters or 1,300 feet under radio-controlled guidance.


It can also capture oil spills and be used in other locations such as lakes, canals, and industrial facilities.

Apart from being lightweight and running on silent and green energy, the Jellyfishbot can also withstand adverse weather conditions.”

A keen sailor and diver himself, Carlesi came up with the idea of Jellyfishbot after noticing how much waste bounced in the water in ports whenever he spent leisure time on the water. 

“I thought: ‘Why not try to make this difficult and sometimes thankless task of picking up trash easier?’ So we made this robot,” he said.

However, Jellyfishbot is not unique. With advancements and experiments setting the pace of the 21st century, we should get used to waking up to experiments like the Jellyfishboat.

Jellyfishboat might soon get a few friends as the San Diego non-profit Clear Blue Sea is developing a proto-type trash-collecting robot called “FRED”.

Likewise, a marine tech firm in the Netherlands, RanMarine, has developed a robot called the “Waste Shark” deployed to clean up trash in Rotterdam harbour.

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