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Know your Drink: The whiskness of Single Malt

Whiskness Of Single Malt

Well, well, I am here again with a topic quite intriguing and a little complex. While many of you would smirk thinking, huh? Complex, what so complex about whisky, I am having it every night. But many of you would be thinking damn girl, you understand me well.

It is so damn complex, what is this single malt, single barrel and single cask? I just know whisky but never bothered to read about it. Well, neither did I till a friend, whom I have started talking to quite often now, sarcastically replied to one of my witty and clever messages( at least that is what I think) about how smooth single malt is. I never had a single malt so I didn’t know and honestly, it kept me hooked to know about it. Yea! Small things like this keep me hooked. So while I was scratching my head to write an article that is informative, intriguing and also itches my reader to get out of their bed and try it. I thought of writing about — the Single Malt. 

The Glory of Single Malt

Glory of Single Malt

The single malt whiskey flavours stimulate the buds as the whiskey cult devour the widely loved beverage and lately this cult has seen an upward rise. Malt whiskey is widely associated with Scotland for its origination and distribution. However, India, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Sweden, America, Italy, and the list goes on are all producers of this popular beverage.

Before moving ahead into the concept, ingredients and misconceptions around your favourite drink. Let’s briefly dwell upon one of India’s oldest and largest distilleries, Uttar Pradesh-based Radico Khaitan entry into single malt whiskies — launching Rampur Indian Single Malt in Las Vegas. And to your surprise, it happened as recently as in the year 2016, according to The Hindu report. Interestingly, the brand’s latest, Rampur Asava, received gold medals at the International Spirits Challenge 2021 and New York International Spirits Competition 2021 after a virtual launch at the Whiskey Show, London in October 2020. Indian single malt whiskies is fruity, malty character.

Dive into the Distilleries

Not many care about what the significance of the name beholds till the time you are savouring its fine taste, but it may surprise you that the member of the cult wants to know it all about their drink. The word ‘single’ in single malt whisky is produced at one, single distillery. For example, a Glenfiddich single malt whisky is produced at the Glenfiddich Distillery. Likewise, a Talisker single malt is made at the Talisker Distillery. 

Glenfiddich single malt whisky

But it is important to understand that, produced in one single distillery doesn’t necessarily mean that it comes from a single barrel or cask. A mixture of different barrels ‘blended’ together to produce single malt whisky. The mixture can consist of varying ages also. The age stated on a bottle indicates the youngest whisky in the mix. A 12-Year-Old Single Malt tells us that the youngest whisky is 12 years old, but may contain much older liquid. A 50- Year-Old states that the youngest spirit in the bottle is 50 years old.

The Malt: Melting your heart

The word malt often puzzles people, malt means that a single malt must be produced using only malted barley as a grain. However, blended whisky is a mixture of malt whisky and whisky made from other grains. It is important to understand that one can occupy the grain from anywhere but the single malt is determined by the country in which it’s made.

Bursting the Bubbles of Misconceptions


Now you are acquainted with a few crucial facts about single malt, now it’s clear the clouds of confusion about single malt, single barrel and single casks. The word ‘single’ in a single barrel or single cask whisky directs to the same point as a single malt hinting that it comes from a single distillery. But the difference is that in a single barrel or cask, the whisky comes from one barrel.

While for any whiskey fan there is a lot of space for exploration, and each experience can be overwhelming. However, it is always good to know the basics about your drink. So, when are you having your glass of single malt? I am going to have mine soon. Clearly can’t resist having a glass of Glenfiddich single malt after reading, researching and writing this article for you. Cheers. 

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