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Like to play games online? Beware of these things

online games

Playing online games can be a lot of fun, but there are a lot of things you are unconsciously compromising and risking. It goes without saying that there is a darker side to everything and it is important to calculate the risk when you dive into the exciting world of online gaming. From cyberbullying to health issues, there are many concerns that are to be taken care of 

Here’s a list of simple tips :

Personal Identifiable Information

LEAKAGE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION– People are very skilled these days, the more you take prevention, the more people get smarter to do leak your personal information. While playing online games, kids should keep in mind to never use their real name and never reveal their PII (Personal Identifiable Information) like the address, age or any information about family members. Once you start playing online games, they start asking you the personal information, and once the hackers get that information, they can have access to your account, like social media account or any personal account. You should wipe all the personal information from the device you are playing games with. Use programs that permanently delete your personal information. Be aware while playing games, because the danger comes when your personal information gets leaked out.


CYBERBULLYING – Being safe online is not easy with the rapid internet progression, but there are many cybersecurity software at your rescue to lower the risk. Parents must talk to their children, and make them aware of the risks involved in playing games online. Children below the age of 18 sometimes agree to unnecessary terms while playing games.

online game virues

 VIRUS:- When you use any digital platform, you have a risk of getting viruses like malware on your device. Games are a way for hackers to cheat. Scan the virus if you are playing games online. 

online game hiddin charges

HIDDEN CHARGES:- Dangerous games are full of risks. Risks involve hidden charges. They give you a free trial, however full game features requires payment. Free games are just a trick to gain money.

Internet Gaming Disorder

GAMING ADDICTION:–  Gaming addiction also known as Gaming Disorder or Internet Gaming Disorder, a child can suffer a lot, as it is not easily diagnosed. People often ignore the symptoms and signs of gaming disorder. Gamers usually enjoy online gaming characters. Games are made to gain profit, the more people play the more they earn. Games have many levels to pass, and this eventually becomes an addiction for the player. It hinders its offline social interaction.


HEALTH ISSUE:-  These are the various problems caused due to excessive exposure to online games 

•Fatiguenes, Irritability, Sleeplessness.

• Migraine may be caused due to eye strain and permanent concentration on the screen

• A lot many mental syndromes may be caused due to more exposure to games.

• Personal hygiene is lost while playing games. A person gets so busy while playing games that he/she doesn’t remember anything about self-care.

•Person becomes restless and violent when unable to play.

• Not Eating proper meals in order to continue gaming.

Meditation is best for the people going through this stage. People around gamers should try to indulge them in other activities which include mental and physical relief. 

Social replacement

SOCIAL REPLACEMENT:- Recovery is not easy from an addiction. People who are addicted to playing games become less social. They start lying to friends and relatives to want the time spending in playing games. Gamers usually remain isolated so that no one disturbs them while playing games. Wanting to spend more and more time playing games, they keep themselves away from friends and relatives.

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