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Looking for ways to save fuel? Hyderabad-based techie develops mileage booster for vehicles

save fuel

A Hyderabad-based technician has developed an innovative mileage booster for vehicles that helps save fuel to reduce carbon footprint. 

David Eshkol, the Chief Technologist and the developer of ‘5M Mileage Boost’ has been in the field of innovation for quite a time now. He developed 5M Mileage Boost to contribute his knowledge and expertise to innovations that could efficiently reduce the carbon footprint,

The ‘5M’ in the name stands for the five benefits of this mileage booster. According to Eshkol, “this booster helps in more mileage per litre of fuel, more pickup for the vehicles, more smoothness in driving, more torque and Thrust and most importantly more pollution control” according to an ANI report. 

Eshkol said, “This 5M Mileage boost is an innovation that is carried out on vehicle engines without opening the engine itself. The developed machine of 5M Mileage Boost is connected to the vehicle engine through the intake manifold. The ultrasonic waves and gaseous plasma are then sent into the engine for a time being depending on the CC of the engine.”

The mileage booster was developed back in 2014 and since 2008 he has been working on a machine that would help in not just picking up the mileage of the vehicle. Eshkol has boosted the engines of around 8,000 vehicles, including two-wheelers, four-wheelers and in some cases to trucks and buses so far. He said any vehicle between 100 CC to 10,000 CC can be processed using this innovation.

Explaining the process, he said, “In general, when a vehicle takes in 100 units of energy in the form of any fuel, only 12.6 units of energy is given to the wheels for running while the rest, which is a major portion of the energy, goes waste to overcome friction at various levels. Our innovation works on these friction points and makes vehicles use lesser energy.”

To implement the technology on a larger scale, Eshkol is looking for an established automobile entity to come forward and use innovative technology that would help them offer increased mileage but also with less carbon emission for their vehicles.

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