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LU undergraduate course to introduce Covid Concepts, Mental Health

It doesn’t come as a surprise to many I guess. Since the pandemic has hit, almost everything we do, say, think, read has an ominous presence of Covid in our lives. Although the concepts of virus and pandemics are not new to humans, the covid has reignited the need for more impending knowledge on the subject.

A few departments of the Arts Faculty of Lucknow University(LU) have incorporated coronavirus concepts in its four-year undergraduate course made in accordance with the New Education Policy( NEP) 2022. The latest syllabus has been forwarded to the respective boards of studies and the faculty board and will be discussed at the academic council meeting on July 17 for the final nod. 

 The pandemic has suddenly raised the interest in the topic and everybody is indulging in studying the know-how of the subject. The concept has become the need of the hour. Apart from that LU will also for the first time teach and include research on mental health, a subject that needs profound awareness. The implicit effect of the pandemic on mental health cannot be overemphasised. The stress and anxiety students have endured during the pandemic vis-a-vis shutting down of colleges and schools needs to be addressed and taught to be dealt with. 

“ Over four years UG courses focus on providing student employability at every step hence concepts which are the need of the hour have been included. For the first time, we will be teaching school mental health that will include studying and researching about the mental health of both teachers and students,” said psychology coordinator Archana Shukla, according to a TOI report. 

The new syllabus focuses on the employability of the students. The social work department, hence, will educate the students about the healthcare system, specifically with respect to Covid-19. “ To make the course job oriented we have focused more on fieldwork in our new UG syllabus. For learning a concept, a student has to go among people to explore and find out challenges. We will be teaching the health care system in which we will teach about the organisation, people, institutions and resources that deliver healthcare services to meet the health needs of target populations at the time of the pandemic, said Prof Anoop Kumar Bhartiya, according to a TOI report.

The political science syllabus has also been revised to incorporate the global issues and international politics surrounding the pandemic. All in all, the course looks promising and befitting the current scenario. It is important to be acquainted with the upcoming challenges to be equipped with the knowledge to handle the physical, social, and mental consequences. 

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