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Lucknow attempts to return to normal after two months

The unlocking process began three weeks ago in Lucknow and with further easing covid rules, restaurants, eateries are now open for business. As the eateries reopened, people sprung out with friends and family after two months. The malls also have a good footfall with people coming out for a change. 

As much as the lockdown was/ is the need of the hour, it has been stressful to many. People are going out for a breakthrough from life inside the four walls. 

Many pandals on the occasion of Bada Mangal around the city gave hopes and glimpses of earlier non- covid days. However, seeing the prevailing scenario it is equally distressing to see people flouting covid norms left right and centre. 

The monuments in the city reopened last week after remaining closed for 62 days. The footfall at monuments in the Husainabad heritage zone, which includes the popular Bada and Chhota Imambaras was decent.  About 700 visitors came to the Bada Imambara, Chhota Imambara, Picture Gallery, Shahi Hammam and other related monuments, as per the Husainabad & Allied Trust, a TOI report said. 

“In 2020, after the first Covid wave when the monuments had reopened on the first day only 160 tourists had come. This time, 692  people came,” said a HAT official.

The restaurants and eateries were allowed to open from 21st June (Monday) and the next day saw the celebration of Bada Mangal and Mangal Bazaar in full swing. Wherein the protocols are being followed in restaurants, the Bada Bazaar and pandals saw no worries of the ongoing pandemic. As the government further eased the curfew, people flocked on streets and were seen carrying out day to day activities, where some followed covid protocols while others defied them unequivocally, some were seen without the worries of even wearing a mask. 

When asked about whether it is safe to eat in the Bada Mandal pandals, Ashu, a labourer said “what else can we do, we will have to take the risk if we want to eat and survive.” 

Three friends Ashu, Harsh, Jeet who were standing in a queue in front of the medical store waiting for their turn, Jeet says, “We have to get out to buy things and carry out our day to day activities but we always keep a sanitiser handy with us.”

Rakhi, who is still working from home, came out to eat with friends in a nearby restaurant, she says “It is mentally exhausting to sit at home and not be able to go out. I follow all protocols but I had to come out once.”

Many pending/ planned weddings were also taking place as the case number went down with people seen dancing and enjoying themselves.  However, the number of people in bhaarats were noticeably few. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the world has undergone momentous changes since the pandemic. The weddings and such congregations look out of place now with predictions of third-wave looming with delta plus cases being detected across the country. 

Curfews, lockdowns have locked the people inside in their houses. Sitting at home has been draining for many. With a monotonous routine hauled lifestyle and undermining the productivity of people, being able to go out seemed like a relief after two months of uncertainties due to the second wave. The fear is not over yet as the battle against the pandemic is still on, and it is crucial for people to understand to at least follow covid protocols. 

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