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Makeup trends Of 2021 To include In Your List Of Festive Looks

With a year-long stay at home, the festive season is finally here. Navaratri has officially started. I am sure you all have reinvented your wardrobe already with all the matching jewellery and accessories for the week-long festival. But what about the makeup part of it? Will it be the no-makeup look or vibrant bold eyes with nude lips? Or something bold? Or more on the simpler side? But if you haven’t decided yet, here are some of the top Makeup trends of 2021 to help you make your choice.

  1. Bold and Pop colours for your Eyes

With masks covering most of your face, let the eyes do the talking! Bold eyes are the latest makeup trend that can take your lookup by a notch. This is the time to play with the colour on your eyeshadow palette and experiment with your looks. Make sure to make your eyes pop with bright, vivid colours and fun textures. Maybe a mosaic of pink, blue and purple? Or perhaps some green and red? Throw in some neutral primer to keep it from smearing, and you are all set to go.

  1. The Lashes and the Liner

Well again, it’s the eyes! Choose from a range of classic and bold. Go for the classic Cat eyes with liquid liner paired with bold brows, extra-long lashes, and neutral-coloured matte lips. Or swap your regular black liner with a blue one. Add some shimmer. Or well, make your smokey eyes with shades of lavender and green. Whatever you choose, let your artistic side flow.

  1. Matte 90s Looks and Soft Glam

It’s also being called the Nostalgic look. And why not! The 90s never went out of fashion. Matte shadows, matte lipstick, matte skin, everything that looks just like the ’90s. Make a diffused wing, a cut-crease, brushed-up brows, and add a subtle hint of shimmer. If you don’t wanna go with the glam, you can always depend on softer and monochrome choices. Throw in some pink, neutral eyes and nude lips. Check out American pop star Ariana Grande looks, she is known for her iconic wing liners with a ponytail. 

  1. The Burgundy, Peach, Gloss and more

Create dimensions here! Bring in your collection of satin lipsticks and creamy pencils. With a natural complexion, add tones and freckles. Deep burgundy – edgy, moody, and unexpected, yet surprisingly wearable with all tones. Stun with bold crimson shades and warm undertones. Or, go like Selena – the peachy lip-soft and easy, giving the plump dewy effect. Still not there? Go for the Gloss – use a neutral cream colour on your eyes and lips and top it off with gloss for sheen.

  1. Lightweight and Natural foundation

Play with glass skin and dewy highlighter and natural base. Create enhanced textures with a matte foundation that’s long-wearing and oil-controlling. A light layer of contour and lots of blush along with some highlighter to seal this look. Dust a layer of powder to avoid any creasing and set it all in with a setting spray. Recently, there’s been a big focus on being more minimalist and just enhancing natural colours and features—so think beautiful neutrals and earth tones.  This latest makeup trend is all about embracing your skin and putting on a dewy and sheer base makeup look. 

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