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Mount Abu: To rejuvenate and To Find Peace

It’s weird how a sunset can calm a person. Bright diminishing light shattered on the horizon, glowing peaks of mountains. Even when there is chaos all around you, you can find a sense of peace.

But to experience this, you have to pack your bags and head to ‘Mount Abu’. An amazingly beautiful and peaceful hill station, Mount Abu is in the midst of the desert. Located in the Aravalli Range, at a height of 1,200 meters, Mount Abu lines the border of Rajasthan. It’s a perfect destination for a weekend getaway. It has everything from mountains to lakes and temples and more.

 You can get to Mount Abu by road or by train. The nearest railway station to reach your destination is Abu road railway station, about 25 km away from the city. However, a road trip is highly recommended.  The nearest city is Udaipur. So if you are planning to take a flight you can come to Udaipur airport and take a cab or a bus to Mount Abu. This road trip is a great experience as well. you will get to see spiralling roads covering the mountains, small patches of homes, hotels, cottages and a lit up city (if you are travelling at night). As Mount Abu is a very popular destination for hill lovers, you won’t have a problem finding suitable accommodations. If you are travelling on a low budget try finding a place in ‘Brahma Kumaris Ashram’. Brahma Kumaris are a well-known meditation spot as well. In the Ashram, you can participate in spiritual workshops.

Places to Visit

Dilwara Temples

This Jain temple is famous for its beautiful interior design. Carvings over the beautiful white marbles are something to admire. Every corner, every pillar and each gate has such magnificence associated to it that taking off your eyes no longer remains an option. Blessed with peace and divine aura, there are 5 ornamental temples in total spread over different floors. For religious enthusiasts, it’s a place you can learn about Jainism. Although cameras and mobile phones are not allowed inside the temple.

Nakki Lake

Nakki lake is an ideal destination for those who enjoy nature’s surroundings the most. A wide expanse of calm waters and activities like boating and horse riding across the riverside makes it a relaxing spot. The lake is surrounded by hills and there lies a Toad rock over the hill, needless to say, it is in the shape of a Toad. One can visit the rock by climbing over the hill. This place is very crowded most of the time.

Sunset Point

The sky and clouds dripping with the warm orange and yellow hues of the sun setting through the horizon, being kissed by the dawn surroundings is the most mesmerizing and addictive sight which only a nature lover can understand. Sunset point promises to offer you such spellbinding views. The magical dusk and dawn unfolds into a picturesque trivia leaving your eyes glued to the marvels of nature. Try reaching the place before sunset time to find a good spot to enjoy the mesmerizing view.

Brahma Kumaris Ashram

Brahma Kumaris is the largest spiritual organisation in the world led by women. It is a worldwide spiritual movement dedicated to personal transformation and world renewal. The university they have in Mount Abu is their spiritual headquarters. The place is huge and emits positive and peaceful vibes. From the grand entry gate, you will be redirected towards the Hall where they give spiritual lectures. Soothing peace is maintained inside the hall. Some volunteers preach about the good’s and bad’s of life for around 15-20 minutes which guides your mind towards liberating thoughts. You can also meditate, introspect and know more about their lifestyle and rules of life. It is important to follow the rules of the centre.

All in all, you will have a great weekend away from the chaos of the city and rejuvenate for a new tomorrow.

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