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Muskuraiyee aap lucknow main hai- Column about Lucknow Art & Library

Muskuraiyee Aap Lucknow Main Hai

Lucknow has always been the hub of mesmerizing art and literature. Its history is fascinating, showing how literature and art have been its parts all along. Lucknow city is the capital of Uttar Pradesh. It is located alongside the Gomti River, in the center of the state. Known as Nawabs’s city, it first gained importance when it was captured by the Mughal ruler Babur, who was India’s first Mughal Emperor.

 Under the rule of Asaf-al-Dawlah, the grandson of the very famous Mughal ruler Akbar and the nawab of Oudh (Ayodhya) the city was turned into the capital.

Along with numerous networks of railway lines and roads, the city also has an international airport called Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport. The city has various industries such as handicrafts, food processing, railroad shops, and manufacturing Industries. There is a huge market for agricultural products like several locally grown grains, mangoes, and melons.

Since the late 20th century, the population of the city has grown, and now it has surpassed the population of Kanpur, becoming the most populous city of the state, Uttar Pradesh.

Architecture of Lucknow

History has given Lucknow some notable forms of architecture. Some of its examples are –

The Great Imambara: Made in 1784, The Great Imambara is a single-storied monument that holds significance for the Shiáh Muslims who assemble there during the month of Muharram. This historical place can also be visited for a tour throughout the year.

The Rumi Darwaza: Also known as the Turkish Gate, Rumi Darwaza, was modeled in 1784 in Istanbul on the Sublime Porte.

The Residency: It is the best-preserved monument of history in Lucknow. The residency was established in 1800 during the Indian Mutiny as the British Troops’ scene of defense. In 1957, a

Memorial was erected to honor the Indians who sacrificed their lives during the uprising.

Institutes of Education Research and Art

Several well-known educational institutes are present in Lucknow is such as –

University of Lucknow: Founded in the year 1867, Lucknow University or University of Lucknow is the oldest institution of higher education in the city of Lucknow owned by the government. Raja Sir Mohammad Ali Mohammad Khan Bahadur, K.C. I.E., of Mahmudabad, proposed the idea of establishing the Lucknow University.

Amir-Ud-Daula Public Library: Opened in 1887 for the reading public of Lucknow, Amir-Ud-Daula Public Library is the oldest library of Lucknow. There is a stock of about 2 lack books available in 7 different languages, mainly Urdu, Hindi, English, Bengali, Arabic, Sanskrit, and Persian. It is situated in Kaiserbagh, Lucknow, and provides services at very minimal charges.

Arts and Crafts College: Government College of Arts and Crafts or The Lucknow College of Arts and Crafts was founded in 1911. It was initially established as the School of Industrial

Design in 1892. It is affiliated with Lucknow University.  

Central Drug Research Institute: The Central Drug Research Institute is the multidisciplinary research laboratory, and is one of the first laboratories that were established in India after the independence of the country from British rule. On 17 February 1951, the first Prime Minister of India, Jawahar Lal Nehru, inaugurated this research institute.

Some other significant places in Lucknow are –

  • State Museum
  • Botanical garden
  •  National Zoological Garden
  •  Music Academy
  • Dilkusha Kothi
  • ChotaImambara  
  • Ambedkar Memorial Park 
  • Chhatar Manzil 
  • Shaheed Smarak
  • Satkhanda

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