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Patang Bazi-Bazaar of Lucknow

Patang Bazi Bazaar Of Lucknow

Lucknow’s love affair with the beautiful kites is an age-old one. Patang Bazi is famous to Lucknow’s people; we know it as one of our many’ Shaukh.’ Earlier, the Nawabs are known to be a standard-bearer of the kite-flying that had a massive involvement in the modern sport with the same charm as years ago.

Kite flying or Patang Bazi has been a public pastime activity in Lucknow for ages. Especially in the old city like Chowk, Talkatora, Raja Bazar, Nakhas, Daliganj, and more, this past time’s prevalence is an integral part of life.

 You would often hear stories from people about their Patang Bazi knowledge, mostly near Gomti, their rooftop, or even holidays. Jamghat is the day after Diwali where people have the fun of festival in Lucknow; it is believed to be started from the Nawabi period.

Jamghat Festival

Jamghat Festival

Jamghat is a festival that maintains social relationships and harmony in Lucknow city. The contribution of both Hindus and Muslims with great happiness exhibitions the essence of the town. It often gives the impression of a spectrum in the sky.

 One could see hundreds of kites in varieties of shapes and colors detached in the air. The festival’s spread can be perceived from the varying cost of kites; it ranges from Rs. 4 to 60 and over.

This season some latest kites like Spiderman, Chota Bheem, Obama, Anna, and other Chinese Kites are in excessive demand with kids. There are around more than 45 kite flying clubs in Lucknow city.

If you’re an explorer, then you may come across a few dilapidated shops with hordes of the seemingly mysterious square-shaped pieces of paper. Upon closer examination, you’ll see that these kite supplies, renumbered and are the last of their thoughts in several cases.

Famous Kites

Famous Kites

Some famous kites in Lucknow are- pauntava which is made from a part of the sheet, Kanawha kite which is in wings form of a bird, and experts greatest prefer it, addhi are kites made from half a sheet, chichi are small kites made of the spine of about 6 to 8inches. 

Some other kites are aadi pauntai, dugga, gend tara, chand tara, sawa ki teen, dheel, commander.

Chinese kites made with dedh kanni, plastic, tukkal, and more. Main types of equipment for flying a kite include manjha, saddi, reel, toon, phirki taar, and charkhi. Making a kite requires excellent accuracy, and care is an art in itself.

People often subordinate the coming of Huien Tsand and Fa Hein, travelers from China who introduced kite worldwide. .Generally people of all ages enjoy these kites.

Today in Lucknow there are scores of people who have frittered away lacks of rupees on this pursuit and have achieved prominence and revered in the kite flying circle. After all, it’s all about ‘Pench-Ladana’!

Ahmad & Company, Raja Kites, Shyam kites, Deepak Kite center, Devender Kite Centre, and more famous kite shops in Lucknow which offers the latest trendy Kites based on present modern days.

They all are offered more varieties of kites with attractive kids’ designs and cartoon characters to enjoy the kids. Patang Bazi Bazar in Lucknow offers more number of Kites with beautiful designs. Let us buy a kite for you today and start this lovable enjoyment at Lucknow. 

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