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Puncture the Stress and Anxiety with therapeutic Techniques

Acupuncture is derived from the Latin word acus meaning needles and punctura means to puncture. In east Asia, for thousands of years, acupuncture treatment has been used. Increasingly adopted worldwide in recent years, acupuncture is now known to everyone. This treatment includes penetrating the skin with thin needles that are manipulated by hands. This technique has been often studied scientifically. From natural healing to improved functioning, the Acupuncture method is widely used. Acupuncture helps in health, illness and various other medical conditions. This method is often used for pain control. Acupuncture promotes self-healing, in short acupuncture helps the body to heal itself. Acupuncture influences our nervous system, immune system and many more. The WHO and National Institutes of Health (NIH) also recognises the use of acupuncture and Chinese medicine for the treatment of multiple health concerns. It doesn’t hurt at all with the needles, you only feel pressure when needles are inserted into the skin during treatment. Needles are thinner than the ones used to give shots. Acupuncture is considered as the tool of pain relief, it takes more than one treatment to get better results. Depending upon your problem or health issue, your acupuncturist will suggest the days of treatment your body requires.

Below are the benefits of Acupuncture – 

•Helps improve sleep quality – There are many positive effects of acupuncture that includes better sleep and overall well-being. You will feel more relaxed and energetic after taking this treatment. 

•May reduce allergies – Seasonal allergies may get relief with the help of acupuncture. This treatment has been used to treat various allergic symptoms. There are several scientific theories on how acupuncture works on various allergic symptoms such as swelling, watery eyes, runny nose and many more. It helps in improving your immune system too.

•Insomnia – Acupuncture helps to improve insomnia symptoms. Yin Tang is commonly used for calming the mind and spirit for conditions such as insomnia, stress and anxiety. Although acupuncture is effective in many health issues still there isn’t enough research on the effectiveness of acupuncture in insomnia.

•Headaches – Patients suffering from headaches or migraines who do not have any relief with medication, can go for acupuncture. Studies in the National Institutes of Health found that acupuncture was effective in headaches. Rather than eating painkillers, you can go for an acupuncture treatment.

•Anxiety and Stress – Anxiety and stress are common problems in the modern world. Acupuncture treatment is effective in people dealing with anxiety and stress. Acupuncture helps to lower stress hormones and increase the feeling of happiness.

•Improves Digestion – For people suffering from gastric problems, acupuncture can help in relief. Our overall health depends on our digestion, so it’s very important for our digestive system to work properly. People willing to go for a drug-free option or medication can go for acupuncture to deal with this problem.

•Blood Pressure Control – Our 21st century way of living leads to various problems of blood pressure at any age. Acupuncture can help in controlling blood pressure. This treatment has very few side effects. 

Cosmetic acupuncture – It helps in reducing wrinkles, rejuvenating the face, eliminating fine lines and pimples and six textures.

Things You should know about Acupuncture –

• Needles are used only once- The very thin needles used for treatment are used once only. Same needles can’t be used for the treatment of another person. So don’t worry about the needles, they are safe.

Not Religious – Many people believe that acupuncture is some kind of a religious treatment, but it’s neither religious nor spiritual. It is a treatment based on Chinese medicine.

• Try to wear loose cloth – While going for an acupuncture treatment, try to wear loose clothes. This will help acupuncturists to target the area easily.

• Acupuncturists sometimes do other treatments including acupressure, massage etc for better results. 

If you are facing any kind of health issue that might get better with acupuncture treatment, don’t wait, go and try this effective treatment.

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