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Real Life In Reel: Chasing the IIT Dream

Kota Factory season 2

The discussion of Kota Factory never leaves you. While filing my last story of the day, one of my colleagues asked for a Netflix password to watch the second season of the popular The Viral Fever (TVF) show ‘Kota Factory.’ Our boss has promised him to give them the whole series by tomorrow, for which he doesn’t even need the Netflix password.

Honestly, it is a real upgrade for the TVF’s Kota Factory from youtube to Netflix. And it’s all for the right reasons. The youth connect with the concept so much so that they are hooked with it till the very end. No, it’s not a paid promotion. It is the kind of content that needs to be watched and rewatched, talked and discussed.

Why is the Kota factory getting famous?

The Black and White web series represents the void of colors in the life of the students. It beautifully narrates the monotony and dull life of the students as they navigate the pressures of competitive exams.

TVF has catered to youth with its relatable content in the past. Unquestionably, the show doesn’t disappoint its audience. The series depicts the lives of students trying to make it into India’s premier institution, IIT. You may or may not be preparing for IIT, but the thought must have crossed your mind. You live their journey through each character.

What is the reason behind Kota Factory’s success?

Kota Factory depicts the cyclic life of students to chase their dreams. It is one of the reasons behind Kota Factory’s success. The story is real, the character of Vaibhav is not just one but there are many Vaibhavs pushing for their dreams in Kota. Living, surviving and probably making memories of the lifetime.

We feel for the students, we understand the hussle, we relate to their being because we have all been there. It depicts the life of the students in the most honest and real way.

Why do students connect with them?

While talking to Sahitya, a freelance journalist in Lucknow, just starting off his career says “Jeetu Bhaiya kehte hai ‘Bacche yahan se chale jaate hai, par unke andar se Kota nahi jaata hai’ aur humne bhi yahi seekha. The show is about the struggles of the students and their feelings.”

“It reflects how many of us just follow the herd and land at these hubs thinking it is where we belong. Par jab pitch par uthro tab pata chalta hai ball kitni tez aa rahi hai. Peeche baith ke koi bhi keh sakta hai ki chakka maar dunga. It explains the dedication of students (for example, the character of Vaibhav).

“Pagal hona padta hai kisi cheez ke liye, wo junoon chahiye.”

Kota factory season 2 is available on Netflix. 

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