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Sugar-Free desserts to bliss your sweet tooth with this Diwali

Sugar Free Desserts

Sweets are loved by almost all. But sometimes sugar – the most common sweetener – becomes a bit problematic. Some fear gaining weight, some are wary of sugar levels and diabetes. But here’s the catch – why does your sweet tooth have to suffer from these worries. There are always alternatives – you can choose from whether honey, jaggery coconut or go for khajur paste. So whatever your reason may be, treat yourself, friends and family with these sugar-free sweets this Diwali season!

  1. Grilled Almond Barfi
Grilled Almond Barfi

Barfi is a superstar sweet category- be it Kaju katli or with besan-pista. It’s your Diwali’s go-to sweets, so why not a sugar-free version of it. Just three main ingredients – roasted and crushed almonds, grated khoya and the sugar alternative of your choice – honey with this one.  Alternatively, bake and cook together to perfection for half an hour and there you have your barfi. You can also lookup this recipe by Chef Kunal Kapoor online.

  1. Two-in-one Phirni
Two in one Phirni

Phirni is a simple rice pudding that is made by boiling the milk slowly. This recipe has two layers – a pista layer and one flavored with rose essence. The recipe by Chef Niru Gupta is perfect for festive occasions like Diwali or say Raksha Bandhan. The key ingredients for the preparation are – skimmed milk, rice soaked in water, crushed cardamom and pasta, rose essence. Khajur paste is the main ingredient that acts as a natural sweetener and can be used as a sugar replacement in other recipes too.

  1. Sugar Free Pudding
Sugar Free Pudding

Chef Vicky Ratnani whips up a delectable delicacy – a pineapple-ginger rice pudding. These should be prepared as two components- the rice pudding and the pineapple ginger compote, the entire dish takes about an hour and a half. The key ingredients are rice, coconut milk, milk, pineapple, sugar-free, ginger and lime zest. 

  1. Mouth-watering Modak

A sugar-free twist to the traditional steamed modak is using jaggery, Chef Rahul Akerkar’s recipe is not to miss. The modak coating is to be made of basmati rice flour and ghee while the stuffing is made from grated coconut, jaggery for sweetness, cardamom, almonds, ghee and poppy seeds. Then the modaks should be shaped and steamed for 20-25 minutes.

  1. Custard Apple Kheer
Custard Apple Kheer

Deliciously smooth and creamy, this custard apple kheer by Chef Praeen Gonsalves is sure comforting. The recipe takes about an hour to cook. The key items you need will be custard apples, jaggery, coconut milk, almonds and cardamoms. Serve it chilled!

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