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The Beer Bar: Things we may not know about our favorite drink

Beer Bar

Beer is one of the oldest drinks enjoyed by people around the world. The ancient Egyptians first documented the brewing process on papyrus scrolls around 5,000 B.C. It is said that the first beers were brewed with ingredients like dates, pomegranates, and other indigenous herbs, which may be too harsh according to today’s standards. The Egyptians used beer for religious ceremonies, with the Pharaoh directing the brewing schedule and distribution to the masses. Some may call the Pharaohs the first “brewmasters.”

International Beer Day is celebrated on the first Friday of August every year. This year it is being celebrated on August 6. The International Beer Day was founded by Jesse Avshalomovn in 2007 in California. The International Beer Day was initially observed on August 5 but was shifted to the first Friday of the month in the year 2012.

We seem to know it all about the beer, probably our favourite drink/beverage, but read more to know what you are missing: 

The Study of Beer: The beer didn’t just come from anywhere. There is a study involved in its brewing and it is called Zythology. From the Greek words zythos (beer) and logos (study). Zythology revolves around the analysis of ingredients and how they would affect the brewing process. Further, it also constitutes the knowledge of beer techniques, their history and the application of beer pairings. A zythologist is an authentic beer connoisseur.

The First Professional Brewers: Yes, you must be thinking about some dudes, experimenting and creating something so extraordinary. Well, the men’s love for a beer may be over the board. But the first professional brewers were all women. In ancient Peru, breweries were administered by ‘women of the elite’. The women had to be of noble birth, or incredibly beautiful in order to be allowed to brew the beer.

Oldest Brewery

The Oldest Brewery: According to various reports, it is believed that the oldest brewery is the brewery of Weihenstephan in Freising, Germany. The licensing history of the Bavarian brewers can be traced back to 1040 AD, and have been continually brewing ever since. There is also evidence as far back as 768 AD that shows a hop garden located on the land, inferring many more years of brewing tradition.

Your beer is not necessarily to be chilled: Do you like your beer chilled? But what if you are missing out on the nuances of flavours. Different beers are served at different temperatures around the world. While there is no fixed temperature but the ‘chilled’ beer concept sold to in adds often the sensation of coldness hinders the tongue’s taste receptors, and so by over-chilling your beer, you numb your palate to its flavours. Try and chug the beer according to your taste. 

Beer Concept

Are you stacking your beer properly: 

Many of you may be storing your beer all wrong, here is how you store your beer to maximize its delight

Store your beers upright.– This lessens the probability of contamination from the cap.

Store your beers below room temperature.– A warm shelf will stimulate the rate at which beer loses freshness.

Store your beers in the dark.– Beers become ‘sulfurous’ when they are touched by sunlight. This is why some companies choose to use brown bottles — they block the most light and protect the beer as much as possible. This is also why kegs do not have windows.

Brown bottles 

For the love for Beer Barrel: Data from a 2012 Kirin Beer University Report shows that the thirstiest country in the world, per capita, in the Czech Republic. The Czechs consume an average of 148.6 litres per year each or about 418 12oz bottles per person. The country that consumes the greatest volume of beer overall, is China. 44,201 Kiloliters per year. That’s 44,201,000 litres, or just under 1.5 billion bottles of beer, according to a report. 

US Beer BAN: After 13 years, 10 months, 19 days, 17 hours and 32.5 minutes of Prohibition, the reversal took place on December 5, 1933. President Franklin D. Roosevelt then declared, “What America needs now is a drink“.

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