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The Bizarre Bites: Experiment with your palate

Nothing connects people better than food and there is literally no end to topics while talking to a foodie about experiment and exploration in food. While the mainstream markets and menus are dominated by burgers, pizza, the nooks and corners of this diverse country cooks amazing, relishing, thought-provoking food. If you are vegetarian, the list could be limited, but there is no end to the unusual delicacy in the country. Food is not just ingredients blended in spices, it accommodates a culture, love and passion for cooking. The dishes are unique and a must-try to not only calm your taste buds but to know and understand the authencity of local culture. The bites can be bizarre till you plunge into the divine bites. The divinely bizarre foods around the country to try an experiment: 

Tilli: Get wrapped in the flavour and aroma of this street snack from Pune. Tilli essentially refers to the spleen and buffalo’s spleen. Marinated in mild spices and char-grilled or roasted, it has a distinct sharp taste is quite a hit amongst food lovers. 

Eri Polu: Eri Polu is an exotic dish of Assam that is made with silkworm pupa and is served with fermented bamboo shoots.

Khorisa: Ever thought of relishing bamboo sticks? Well, Khorisa is a popular Assamese dish which consists of grated bamboo shoot. It is sometimes eaten in fermented, raw or pickled form.

Red Ant Chutney: Indian meals are incomplete without chutney. Known as Chaprah in Chhattisgarh, this gratifying, tangy chutney is a much sought after dish by the local tribals. This great Indian chutney can make any dish come alive, but with this one right here, you’re guaranteed to gag. 

Khacmuli: Khacmuli from Uttarakhand is a ‘kaccha’ liver, tongue, blood, and soft piece of meat shallow fried and served with lemon and salt and with coriander. 

Frog Legs: Not just another leg piece. It is among the most sought after specialities of the Lepchas of Sikkim.

Dog Meat: Dog meat is hugely popular in Nagaland and Mizoram and is reckoned to be more expensive than chicken meat!

Black Rice: Common, not so common black rice also known as Magic Rice is full of health benefits and is eaten in Manipur, Kerala and North Bengal.

Nahkham: Set your food fantasy for an adventurous food trail. Nahkham, a Garo tribe dish is a fish curry made with dried and salted fish and mingled with distilled ashes and vegetables. 

Bhunni: Another unusual dish idea comes from the hills — the Garhwal region in Uttarakhand. Made with goat’s liver, stomach, intestines and blood blended with a few spices. The dish can be one hell of an experiment for the nonvegetarians as it is very delicious. 

Doh Khleh– Coming to your palate of adventure from Meghalaya, this dish is a pork and onion salad garnished with pig’s brain which is just steamed. The three prominent tribes in Meghalaya — Khasis, Garos and Jaintia, have always been known for their love of pork and rice. 

Jadoh: Another popular Northeast dish made with rice, pork offal and chicken blood.

The Daring Desserts

Benami Kheer: Ever thought your sweet cravings being satisfied with garlic. Well, yes. Benami Kheer cooked with garlic as the main ingredient. Crushed garlic is cooked for hours in milk that gives it a nutty flavor. 

Kacchi Haldi ka Halwa: Heard of suji ka halwa, gajar ka halwa. Popular during Makar Sankranti in January, this delicious Halwa made from turmeric is supposed to strengthen immunity and numerous other benefits.

Onion Ka Halwa: The recipes of halwa sweets don’t end yet. Onions can be sumptuous bites made by frying in butter and then cooking on slow heat with milk and sugar, it has a paradisiacal taste apparently.

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