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The Rise of Home bakers in Covid era: Here’s How Meerut Based 18yo started her own home bakery

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Keeping in mind the proverb, “Health is wealth,” nowadays people’s priority is safe and healthy food. That’s the reason home bakers are preferred from the safety point of view. With the pandemic hitting us, people are preferring to eat home-baked rather than market ones.

The trend of home baking has gained popularity during the pandemic. Coronavirus impacted people’s health, so people became more conscious about the food they eat. People ensure that the food they consume is safe and healthy. Hygiene and taste have become a priority for the customers. Baking items gained popularity in the covid era, as everyone remained at home during the lockdown.

With relaxation in curfews and lockdown during the pandemic, people are preferring to order food from local chefs or bakers. As many cafes and restaurants decided to shut their business due to the ongoing crisis, home bakers took it as an opportunity to set up their home bakeries. As a result of lockdown people’s lifestyle changed, they wanted the cakes or bakery items that were made by ensuring proper safety measures. People trust home bakers due to their quality and freshness. Home bakers make fresh cakes or any item on order while market bakers make it once and sell it for 1-2 days.


Aditi Khanna, a Meerut based 18-year-old girl, started her own home bakery says, “Pandemic gave me an opportunity to start my small business and present myself as a baker.  So, I decided to start my bakery to serve people with home-baked cakes and chocolates. Gradually my orders increased during the lockdown period. Customers wanted that the food item that reached them to be safe and made under perfect hygienic conditions. Nowadays, I am full of orders. I deal with cakes and chocolates. My customers are delighted with the taste and hygiene I give to them”

Further, she added, “I have noticed that nowadays, people prefer a home-baked cake rather than a market one. I have seen a shift from cake shops to home bakery businesses and the core reason is trust. This pandemic has given rise to home bakers like me.”

“Thanks to the digital era, it helped me promote my business a lot, marketing was way easy through the latest technology. Now after 1 year I have named my bakery, “The Baker’s House”, she commented.

“The response was so overwhelming, I never thought that I could actually do it as I am a student, currently pursuing my BSC. I tried hard to balance my life between my work and studies. Initially, I faced a lot of challenges, as I didn’t know much about starting a business. However, I learnt new things after starting my own bakery. In the lockdown period, it was difficult for me to gather all the raw materials needed to prepare the orders, but all thanks to my father, he helped me a lot and somehow he arranged everything I needed”, said the 18-year-old home baker.

“Nowadays, I am taking orders of Chocolate Hampers for Rakhi. I am so happy that my startup turned out to be good. Further, I am planning to upgrade my skills by doing more baking courses,” said,  the young home baker. 

“My mother and sister helped me in the whole process of taking orders and baking. My customers were happy with the fact that they can get the cake of their choice from a home baker,” Aditi added.

home bakery

Talking about the plans to extend her business, Aditi commented, “I have no plans to extend my business till the time I complete my studies. This home bakery format goes well for me as it costs low and I can work as per my time schedule.”

If you have a home bakery, you don’t have to worry about the expenses of staff, helpers, rent etc. Pandemic has given many home bakers to shine and became an entrepreneur. The lockdown period was the time when everyone was stuck at home, no one was able to get out except for essentials. Celebrating a birthday without a cake is like beating corona without wearing a mask, hence home baking came to the rescue. Whether it’s a lockdown or no lockdown, cakes are always in demand,  and there has been a shift in people’s choices and now people are actively looking for home-baked options. 

When bakeries were closed during the lockdown, home bakers emerged as angels for the people to satisfy their cravings. It has given rise to a completely new generation of bakers. Many people started baking during the pandemic and daily bakers came to light in this period. 

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