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They look alike, were born at the same hour and have scored similar marks: Lucknow’s ICSE topper triplets

Lucknow's ICSE topper triplets

I have always been intrigued by stories of likenesses of twins. How they resemble each other, can vaguely feel each other’s emotions, truly defining to be each other’s halves.  Hence, when I read about Lucknow’s ICSE topper triplets, I was overjoyed.

They look alike, were born at the same hour and have scored similar marks. The events are fascinating. The three musketeers from Lucknow — Ayushi Yadav, Akansha Yadav and Anshika Yadav — students of St Joseph College top-scored in ICSE Class 10 results announced on Saturday. 

School topper Ayushi scored 98.4%, while Akansha and Anshika notched up 97.4% each. The triplets prodigy scored 100 in commercial studies and economics. In English, while Ayushi scored 94, the other two siblings scored 92 marks. Similarly, in Hindi, the school topper struck 99, while the other sisters scored 97. And in the computer application, Ayushi again scored 100, while the other two scored 98 marks each. Furthermore, their history and geography marks too had a similar order with the elder scoring 96, while the remaining two scored 95 and 94 marks respectively. Not just that the triplets were in the same section and have one more sibling one grade younger than them. 

ICSE Topper

Is it a twin/triplets effect? You never know. The triplets were born on September 26, 2004, at 4.1 pm, 4.2 pm and 4.3 pm. 

The three prodigies have now urged the state government for financial assistance to support their education. 

 “We would study together, early in the morning and late at night, had healthy competition and did mischief together. The credit for our success goes to my mother, Nirmala, and my father, who always kept aside from our academic expenses before opting for luxury,” said Ayushi, according to a TOI report. 

However, there may be ample similarity in their looks and score but from their food to career choices, they are very distinct. Ayushi wants to become a chartered accountant, Akansha sees herself as a software engineer while Anshika aspires to become a civil servant. While in terms of food choices, the triplets have diverse choices from one demanding north Indian food, the other Punjabi and the third one seeking south Indian. 

The words of their mother Nirmala reflect the prejudice of a society of “not having a son to shoulder responsibilities. “From friends to neighbours, everyone would taunt me for not having a son and who would shoulder responsibilities. Today, I am proud that everyone has got an answer,” Nirmala said, according to TOI. Indeed, their mother has been a pillar of strength to endure the harsh words of society and having faith in their daughters and providing them with the opportunity to educate themselves. 

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