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thinking of a career switch? Here are some highly satisfying odd jobs

Most people chose paths that they are usually familiar with for their future careers. With following what one is passionate about, they also need to keep in mind that they get paid well.

 Many young college graduates look for jobs that satisfy their needs but the cutthroat competition makes it harder for them. However, this type of issue pushes job seekers to come up with smart tactics and think out of the box. You can manage to earn good money by working in a field that is unfamiliar, or unusual jobs that are oddly satisfying.

So, if you want to earn a good living and do something unusual at the same time, check out these jobs:

Island caretaker

People who love traveling must have thought about going on a trip to an island but, getting paid for taking care of an island seems a little unbelievable. Yes, it is possible to become an island caretaker who does what people dream about “living on a private island”. However, the work is not easy, the caretaker has numerous responsibilities. The island caretaker will need to have passion and experience of working outside as most of the activities need to be done under the hot sun. Their general responsibilities revolve around maintaining the ground, feeding the fish, and taking care of any dwelling and structure that forms. A high school diploma and proper training is the minimum requirement for this job. Furthermore, another requirement can be good communication skills, good swimming skills, and responsible behavior.

Work in a Wildlife Sanctuary/National park:

This job is perfect for people who love animals and are willing to make a career with their admiration. There are a lot of organizations that can help a person to pursue a career in wildlife. You can work as a Wildlife Biologist, Wildlife educator, wildlife conservationist, etc. The job in Wildlife Sanctuary requires a bachelor’s degree in conservation biology to manage a National Wildlife Refuge. For research positions usually, graduation degrees are required. Other ways to get this job can be volunteering in different projects related to wildlife, taking entry-level jobs, joining professional Wildlife associations, and attending conferences and seminars as well.

Color Experts

Learning color psychology can be a pretty handful for this job. A color expert uses color psychology along with trends and statistics to suggest the best colors for company buildings, homes, and brand logos as well. Most color experts find their respective jobs in manufacturing or retail industries. This job does not require any mandatory college degree but does require training and proper knowledge, creativity, and innovation. However, building your client base is also important to have a promising career in the future.

Trekking Guide

Sounds pretty fun and easy but without at least some pre-trip training and a good level of fitness, trekking can be hard work. If you are fit enough to endure sore calves, aching quads, blisters and have a passion to explore the mountains, this job seems perfect. In return, you get untouched and jaw-dropping scenery of the mountains. The job requires the art of navigating mountains to reach from one point to another, a basic mountaineering Course certificate from any reputed institute, and a little bit of experience. After being done with all the requirements you can apply and get ready for adventures of exploring.


Flavourists create natural and artificial flavors. Pursuing a job in this field can make you earn a good amount of salary but requires perfection in your creation as well. One must have knowledge about essential oils, botanical extracts, and essences to be able to recreate flavors from nature. The job also requires a PhD in chemistry or biochemistry and extensive experience as an apprentice with flavor companies. Apart from that, flavourists also come up with irresistible new flavors that people will love.

Toy maker

A professional in this job designs toys that are both safe and entertaining for children. A toymaker should know how to use materials effectively and design durable toys. Some of the other great qualities can be one’s love for gadgets and possession of mechanical skills as well. To pursue this job, you must have a degree in arts, knowledge in CAD, and engineering skills are also essential. Toymakers are known as product designers as well.


A medical professional who examines feet, ankles, lower legs and performs surgeries on these body parts is known as a Podiatrist. They are trained to treat abnormalities and infections on the feet as well. In order to become a Podiatrist, you need a degree from an accurate podiatric medical college.

Computer Hacker

In the world of technology, becoming a computer hacker can be a quite profitable decision. Your skills can be used by companies to test their software’s security and remove any virus from it as well. Ethical computer hackers get paid well to legally break into a company’s networks to find a weakness in order to prevent it from other real hackers in the future. This job mostly requires a college degree in a related technological field.

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