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This Navratri, give your house a Festival vibe With These Simple Ideas

Navaratri is one of the most important festivals that is celebrated with great vigour and enthusiasm all over India. The festival spanning over nine days (Nav Ratri – nine nights, literally) is also the auspicious occasion for worshipping Goddess Shakti, the supreme feminine, for power and prosperity. People splurge on sweets and spend time with family, near and dear. Every state with its own culture put on a full display of ‘Garba’ or ‘Dandiya’. In the eastern & north-eastern states of India, particularly West Bengal, the “Durga Puja” is quite a great affair. Pandals with grand idols of Goddess Durga with the city being illuminated with the varying pandals are a sight to behold. 

So, on such a grand occasion, why not give your house a bit of styling too, you know to match the vibes of the festival! No need to go extravagant or expensive, let’s begin by trying out these simple ones-

  1. Some Flowers, Garlands and Bouquets

They are the simplest forms of decoration, yet integral to every happy occasion. Their delicacy, purity and aroma can well improve your mood and set the atmosphere right. Also, you can find them in a wide spectrum of colours and styles to choose from – whether to use in prayers or set the vase. Especially in Navaratri, marigold is widely used. A special seasonal flower, that blooms only in these festive months in Bengal is ‘Shuili’. You can also arrange them into rangolis to match your theme, or adorn the temples, windows and entrances too. You can also hang them at your door, making a grand entrance for your guest.

  1. A Colourful Rangoli for the Floor

Rangolis are a celebration of colours in a beautiful spectrum of designs and patterns, woven together with every rangoli decoration being unique depending on the creativity of the maker. It’s a must for every occasion. They are believed to bring good luck and prosperity in the Indian tradition. You can make rangolis out of colours, flowers, diyas, flour, or even rice, just let your artistic skills flow.

  1. Painted Diyas are a Delight

 Nothing beats a Diya in making the festive atmosphere enlightening. They bring their brightness, beauty and purity. You can take simple earthen or terracotta diyas from the market and take them to the next level by using your creative skills by giving designs and paints of your choice. Then place them along with the temple at your house, or line them up near the doors or place them in your rangolis. Once you light them up, you can see the illuminated magic. You can also bring in some creativity by making lantern-style lights.

  1. The Golu Dolls

Inspired by legendary events from mythology, Golu or doll displays are a common practice during the Navaratri festival, especially in the South. The significance of Navaratri and also scenes from the Ramayana, Purana’s, and the Dashavataram are also depicted. Represented across nine steps to symbolize the nine days of Navaratri, they also showcase the essence of life.  You can complement the setup with diyas and flowers.

  1. The Garba Pots

During the Navaratri season, garba pots (earthen pots with holes), are an indispensable part of the festival. It is said to symbolize life, unity and love, and is worshipped during the nine days of the festival. It is then placed in the centre of the gathering, where everyone dressed in their festive outfits sing and dance around it. You can bring out your creative side by hand painting these earthen pots. Notch them up with intricate designs, diyas and flowers, embellishments like glass and foils can also be dazzling. 

It’s all about your creativity that will add to your decorations. In this busy and speedy lifestyle, festivals are a way to connect with what we have left behind – friends, families and make memories. So this Navaratri, let the auspiciousness do away all evil and bring happiness to everyone. A very happy festive season to all!

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