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Top 5 actors who reinvented themselves for a movie role

Change is a part of life and essential to move ahead in life and these changes are inevitable in a creative profession like that of an actor. A profession that demands evolving and adapting with each character in the purview of how the audience perceives them. Likewise, the Hindi Cinema, since its inception has seen some major transformation, reinvention and has surprised the audience and leaving them wanting for more.

However, there are still some actors who have carved their careers with one role and rarely adapted to the ‘evolving with each character’ strategy. For instance, Shraddha Kapoor impersonating the same “Girl next door” in different types of love stories throughout her career so far. Similarly, Arjun Kapoor who basically plays more or less the same type of character in all of his movies; Sonam Kapoor who is seen playing the almost same role of “Rich Girl” or “Kittenish” in all of her movies is also a part of the list of the actors who never really experiment or we can say that they have been fit in a typical character box. Looking at the brighter side, many actors challenged themselves to play a character out of their comfort zone and successfully impressed the critics and audience with their performance. In modern films when concepts and roles are usually predictable, there are a few exceptions that surprised the audience.

How actors reinvent themselves for a role?

An actor’s role is to portray a character given to them successfully but we can see some of them sticking to the same roles throughout their career. When an actor reinvents himself for a role, they leave the audience thrilled by their performance and out of the box type character. These actors leave the audience wondering and surprised by playing a different type of character vis-à-vis their stereotypical image in the film industry. Some actors changed from comedy to a more serious genre, while others decided to stop doing dramatic films and opted for action movies and thrillers.

Here is the list of top 5 actors who reinvented themselves-

1. AMITABH BACHCHAN IN “MOHABBATEIN”: Amitabh Bachchan aka “Big B” of Bollywood has proved that he is an A-list actor who can play different types of roles perfectly with his strong and effective acting and dialogue delivery. He made his debut in Bollywood with his 1969 film “Saat Hindustani” which immediately left the audience wanting more of his acting; his deep voice made the dialogues interesting and memorable. The actor’s first major success came with 1973’s “Zanjeer” after that he made his name in Bollywood as an “Angry young man” in the 90s. Amitabh tried some comic and romantic roles as well in his films like “Namak Halaal” to name a few, but he proved his experience and acting skills in 2000’s film “Mohabbatein” when he switched his character from an angry young man to a serious strict dean of the “Gurukul,” he was no longer an action hero as he was once played, the role of a father who lost his daughter and proved how he is above his usual image in Bollywood. After that Amitabh showed the audience a different side of himself by playing decent roles in movies like “Wazir”, “Pink”, “Badla”, “Paa” and others as well.

2. RITESH DESHMUKH IN “EK VILLAIN”: Ritesh Deshmukh who is mostly known for his comic roles in different multi-starrer films was never expected to play the role of a scary villain and leave the audience surprised. Ritesh started his acting career in 2003 with the film “Tujhe Meri Kasam” which did not do well at the box office but after that, the actor started playing the role of a funny guy which really suited his personality and he successfully delivered them as well. The audience became used to see him as a funny guy. He played the same comic role in movies like “Dhamaal”, “Masti”, “Housefull”, “Entertainment” which you can tell are all multi-starrer movies. It was in 2014’s film “Ek Villian” in which Ritesh surprised the audience when he played the role of a villain who used to kill women to take out the frustration of his personal issues with his wife. Critics and the general public loved the character and Ritesh’s acting made it more special. He proved how he is flexible with his skill of acting and how he will accept challenges in future as well.

3. PRIYANKA CHOPRA IN “FASHION’: After being crowned as Miss World in the year 2000, Priyanka made her appearance in her first film which was “The Hero” in 2003. Her roles were apparently the same in every movie she did, which was playing the “love interest” of the lead actor. However, she completely changed this stereotype with her acting in 2008’s “Fashion” where she depicted the struggles of making it big in the industry and how she lost herself to find success, the actress even won several awards for the role as well. After the success of this film, Priyanka approached more challenging roles in movies like “7 Khoon Maaf”, “Barfi” and now is successfully working in Hollywood as well with her excellent acting skills and dialogue delivery.

4. VARUN DHAWAN IN “BADLAPUR”: Varun made his first appearance in the 2012’s film “Student of the year” but still was raw in terms of acting, he had the face and charisma but apparently used to stick to the same roles in the movies. Varun played the same kind of comic and loud character in the films which were directed by his own father, it made the audience think that he will play those types of characters in all of his films but Varun proved these assumptions wrong by playing a serious role of a depressed man whose child and wife was killed and now he is out for revenge. The audience and Varun himself knew that he will have to step up his acting game when an actor like Nawazuddin Siddiqui is his co-star. According to the critics and general public, the role of “Raghu” in Badlapur is Varun’s best acting performance till now.

5. RANI MUKERJI IN “MARDAANI”: Rani debuted in the industry with her 1996’s film “Raja Ki Aeyegi Baraat” and since then she played the same roles of a bubbly or girl next door like characters in movies like “Saathiya”, “Nayak”, “Hello Brother” etc and built herself a loyal fanbase. She tried different genres as well like “No one killed Jessica” or “Black” but her most noticeable role was in her action thriller movie “Mardaani” where she played a role of a “Shivani Shivaji Roy” a senior inspector and this role made her earn a lot of praise for her. Rani’s body language, dialogue delivery, and stunts made her stand out and proved that she can make a comeback with her acting successfully.

In an industry like Bollywood where some characters are predictable and do not bring much to the table, it is good to see these actors challenging themselves and owning up the roles perfectly and giving the audience some immaculate movies.

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