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Ultimate skincare guide for men in summer

As summers are approaching, our skin soon will be oily and greasy leading to irregular pimples and tanning. Just like women, men’s skin is also prone to acne and pimples. Lately,  men are becoming more conscious regarding their skincare routine, which is commendable because grooming should be gender inclusive. That is why we have got some of the best products and skincare routines for all the men out there who are looking for summer centric products. All the recommendations are pretty basic and easily accessible. Check it out-

Wash your face at least twice a day-

Do not over do it, washing it in a day and night would be enough. Use a gentle cleanser that doesn’t scrape your natural face oils. Plus men have more oilier skin than women, so using a good cleanser that removes dirt and pollution and unclog pores would be a lot more beneficial for them. 


Start using a toner-

Yes most of us are not even aware of it but toners are the next best thing for your skin right after cleanser.It helps in maintaining your skin pH level which is very necessary for glowing,radiant skin. It removes dirt and oil and keeps skin problems at bay. Additionally, it also allows the products used right after it to be absorbed properly into the skin. Use natural-based than chemical-based toners. Toners infused with salicylic, glycolic acid work best for acne prone skin.


Exfoliate once a week

Exfoliating your face once a week is recommended to remove dead skin cells. As dead skin cells act as a barrier for the new cells that make your skin more even, glowing and smooth. Apricot face scrubs or anything natural-based should be used on your skin.



Even in summer you need moisturizer. Most guys don’t use moisturizer in summer but it is required everyday with no exception. In summer a light moisturizer or water based is recommended. Also, it prevents early signs of aging by keeping it hydrated and smooth. 


Use aftershave

Aftershaves restore moisture and kill acne and pimple causing bacteria. Plus, they smell so refreshing that it has a power to energise your mood. Always look for natural ingredients infused aftershave, they work best with no side effects. 


Invest in serums

Serums are highly recommended for everyone. They are perfect to keep your skin hydrated and radiant with even skin tone all year long.Especially vitamin-C serums are the best. Apply it at night after washing your face and wake up with a bright, glowing skin. 


Lip balms

Lately, there has been a rise of lip balms among men. Even in summer your lips need nourishment and hydration. Use those that have SPF in it. It prevents your lips from getting dark.  


Never forget sunscreen- 

Sunscreen is a must in summer, never go out without applying sunscreen. SPF 30+ are more suitable according to indian weather. Apply it at least 30 mins before stepping out. UV rays cause a lot more harm than you think, promoting wrinkles, tanning, fine lines. Using it constantly can lead to healthy, pumped skin  even in your 50’s.


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