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Upgrade Your Style With These Accessories In Fall/ Winter 2020

how to upgrade your style

Whether you believe it not, accessories are made to compliment your outfit. It can make a shitty outfit into an eye-catchy one. Men have now started to accessorize their look. As winters are approaching, cold chilly winds won’t stop us to style our looks. So, here am gonna bring you accessories that can work with your winter outfits to make you look dapper and make people envy you.


futuristic shades

Sunglasses have moved one step ahead. 2020 brings you a whole new vibe of sunglasses with a variety of unisex shapes and sizes than suit anyone’s preferences. The trend was started in 2017 when Balenciaga introduced sci-fi classic shades inspired by the movie The Matrix, even naming it after Keanu Reeves’s character Neo. Since then many brands have come up with their own range of futuristic sunglasses in different forms and colors. From Shahid Kapoor to Rihanna everyone seems to be in love with the trend. Small frame sunglasses like the one Bella Hadid wears are hugely popular among millennials. Go for a bright color with big frames, if you are looking to buy one. Of course, signature black Ray-bans, aviators are classic that can never go wrong. But if you are looking to upgrade your look then you might wanna give a try to futuristic sunglasses.


scarves for women

Scarves are considered as the best fashion accessory in winter. You can pair it with any outfit like a suit or just a casual jacket. Make a loop of it or just let it hang either way it makes a perfect statement. Cashmere scarves are soft, comfy, and look great. Printed scarves are also getting in demand due to celebrities were seen wearing Versace printed scarves. In printed scarves, any kind of print or patterned-like checks is best that can make you stand out among the public. Besides this, a plain scarf with bright colors such as red, yellow, or neutral tones is also in trend. It can be seen in many designers’ runway collections in Autumn/Winter. From knitted to soft cashmere there are myriad options available in color as mentioned above.



Fedoras are like gold in apparels. It is that investment that you can cherish throughout your life. With that said, the fedora was first introduced to us in the 1920s, since then it has always been in style. Finally, the time has arrived to get them out of your closet and make a staple statement. Fedora comes in a variety of sizes and colors. However, stick with neutral tones and medium width. Don’t go overboard with the cowboy hat. Besides fedora, trilby hat is also a great option to accessorize your outfit during winters.


cross body shoulder bags

As you might have noticed, many famous personalities are now rocking cross body bags. Baptiste Giabiconi was seen wearing it during Dior Fashion Week. These bags are here to stay as they are easy to carry, light-weight, and come in a variety of colors and materials. Messenger bag, cross body small chest purse are some style available in bags. Whether you need to carry a wallet, keys, water bottle and laptops cross bags are always a classy and lightweight. Also, a great companion while traveling too. Besides that, it gives you more of a look masculine then just holding a bag with your bare hands. Leather cross bags with black and maroon colors are hugely popular with many brands like Dior are introducing it in their collection.


finger ring

Times are changing, men are now inclining towards rings than ever before. 2020 has seen a major shift in men’s mentality towards jewelry i.e. rings. The only ring men were comfortable wearing was usually their wedding ring. However, sober, polished metallic style rings are best that can help you express your masculinity. Remember the key to wear a ring is to keep it minimal; don’t go heavy by wearing rings on every finger. Go with gemstones that can work with almost every season. If your skin tone is towards more on a fairer scale than rings made of silver, steel, platinum, or titanium works really well. And if you have a tanned skin tone then gold, brass will compliment your look.

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