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Women In science and tech – Goavega software

There is no day, no week or no correct time to celebrate the strength or resilience of a woman. She must be celebrated every day for her hard work, her compassion, her selflessness, only then we will achieve the empowerment and equality we are asking for. 

There is no sphere today where women have not excelled, and we must celebrate each victory and each woman reigning those spheres of work and life. And today we are going to narrate one such story– the story of Sumana Iyengar– CEO and Co-founder of Goavega software

Every decade brings advancement in Science, technology, entertainment and politics. Each of these has different aspects, where women play significant roles. With the increase of female candidates and their advocacies, it is clear that women are intent on making their voices heard. A century later, our society has taken strides towards women equality in all fields. It is especially in the male-dominated sectors like technology, that contributions by women are being recognised and awarded.

And one amongst those exceptional women is Sumana Iyengar– who is changing the perception, and is inspiring more women to step into, and excel in the technology sector. She has 23 years of versatile global experience in the IT industry in various areas, from delivery management, risk management, operation management to strategic planning and consulting. She is adroit in executing business plans for achieving organizational objectives along with strong business acumen for handling channel management activities. Prior to starting her adventure in Goavega, she worked in large MNCs through-out her career. She has received the ‘Women Entrepreneur of the year 2018-19 award’ from WeLeed. At Goavega, she provides leadership to drive growth and customer delight. She has helped several start-ups to build products from ground zero and launch products to the market.

The true power is in uplifting each other and growing together and Sumana Iyengar is one such woman. We at Sociotab believe in bringing forth stories of each one of these amazing ladies to not only encourage them but inspire people around and make them believe that nothing is impossible and the women can rule the world if you decide to take the world on a ride. 

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