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4 best air purifiers to freshen up your homes

Morning haze and smog caged the skyline after the people burst firecrackers in different parts of the country.

The Air quality index has worsened, people are waking up with watery eyes and itchy throats as a thick layer of acrid smog draped the regions.

As reported by a US research group “Air Pollution can reduce the life expectancy of Indians by nine years”

And also they added that strong clean air policies can add up to 5 years to people’s lives.

So today here we have created the round-up of the top 5 machines that you can use in your home to clean the air:


A humidifier is a simple device that helps to curb dust by adding moisture to the air so that the dust particles get wet and accumulate together.

But when the air is dry, dust is easily pushed up into the air, leaving you open for an allergy attack.

Air Washer

Air washer is a hybrid appliance, blend of humidifier and air purifier. It cleans the air by purifying it through the water.

Air washer increases humidity while removing pollutants from the air at the same time.

These air washers also come in small compact devices called Revitalizers.

Also a tip: Air washers are not useful in humid months of the year. 

HEPA air purifier

High-Efficiency Particulate Absorber filters are built to grab particles as tiny as .03 microns.

HEPA filters are the most vastly used filtration machines for cleaning the air.

HEPA filters work better for smaller areas and are single-room purifiers.

These filters are made up of random fibreglass fibres.

Air Conditioner

Surprised know?

That how can an air conditioner help clean air. So if your air conditioner has a dry mode button, your air conditioner can work as a dehumidifier.

And even if you don’t have that setting then refrigerated air dehumidifies as it cools the air as part of its primary function.

A dehumidifier is a kind of air purifier that removes the moisture from the air that is an initial source of food for dust and bacteria in the high humidity season.

Not only that, but it also reduces the humidity that nourishes mold, which in turn liberates mold spores into the air.

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