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7 trends that were made popular by Kim Kardashian

Love them or hate them but you definitely can’t ignore them. The world’s most famous family loves to be in the news. Recently, the matriarch of the family Kim Kardashian has been dubbed as a billionaire. A socialite, famous for being famous, reality TV star, business mogul and many titles to her name but one thing is for sure — she is an absolute influencer. She has a power that no other influencer has– her Kim K factor. Since the start of the Kardashian era, Kim has given many fashion styles that went on to become the most popular trends. Here, we are going to count down the top 6 trends that originated through Kim styles. Take a look-


Biker Shorts-

Bike shorts have been embraced by many actors in the past but we must not forget how scandalous they were when they first introduced due to their tight body-hugging silhouette. Kim becomes the first celebrity in this era to actually rocking this style be it in the Instagram post or regular paparazzi shots. And I think she makes it really cool to rock this summer. 


Latex was never considered mainstream until Kim was seen rocking the iconic pink latex dress. Instantly the internet went wild, making Kim once the trendsetter of fashion. French fashion house Balmain made a whole collection inspired by latex during Paris Fashion Week. Kim along with her sister is often rocking latex be it an event or Halloween costume. Due to her curvature body aesthetics latex become too much-loved fabric in high fashion.

Flip-Flop Heels-

Flip-flop heels were considered a striking fashion choice. Some love it due to its trendy, edgy look unlike in regular heels and some hate it. Kim is one of those who loves to show off her flip-flops whenever she gets a chance. Kim always makes it so chic and stylish that pointy or platforms heels will never be. Plus they are much more comfortable than high heels. Kim is never who works on the preconceived guidelines regarding what looks or not. So, wears it and makes it good and trendy. 

Sheer Tops-

Kim is known for her curves, and what’s the best way to highlight it- Sheer Top. Yes, no one was brave enough to wear until Kim stepped in. Whether it’s social media, casual stroll on the streets, Kim knows how to put a bold statement. Pair it with something casual and let the top do the talking.

Lingerie Top-

Kim brought lingeries in casual wear. She is often seen wearing bras, strapless with jeans and more traditional wears. Started back in the ’90s, now due to Kim, they are back in style. Indian influencer Komal Pandey made a video on ‘How to wear lingerie, definitely check out if are looking at how to style it with your daily wear.

Rectangle Sunglasses-

You must have noticed now how Kim loves to bring the old retro style back in fashion. Lately, she has been seen wearing only small or rectangular sunglasses, making them more popular than before. From Bella Hadid to Lizzo everyone was loving the new iconic trend back 2-3 years ago. Many luxury fashion houses released small rectangular sunglasses based on how popular this trend became.


With the constant love for fur, Kim along with the Kardashian-Jenner clan, fur has become a synonym of Kardashian. Even the constant scrutiny from PETA didn’t stop Kim from wearing it. From long fur coats to small coats, Kim loves to flaunt it no matter what the occasion is be her vacations or fashion week appearances. 

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