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Are you helping or hurting the planet? Here’s how you know!

Living a lifestyle to protect the environment is popularly known as a green lifestyle. Each thing we do can help or hurt our planet in many ways. So, keeping in mind to help the planet, we should adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Why is adopting a green lifestyle important?

Thanks to human activity, day by day our natural resources are depleting. Increased pollution and its effects are a matter of concern. Small changes in our life can help our natural environment. Green practices are very important for a sustainable life. An eco-friendly lifestyle not only helps to improve the environment but also helps to save money.

Here are some of the easy ways to make your life greener-


Eat Local – Support your Local farmers by eating the local fruits and veggies. There are a number of benefits to the local food. 

Eat seasonally– If you’re eating grapes from the UK that aren’t in season, then it is grown in some unnatural conditions. So be aware while eating off-season veggies and fruits.


Start your own kitchen garden at your home. It will help you save money and give you more nutritious food. Start from veggies that are pretty easy to grow. You can grow Brinjal, tomatoes and potatoes easily in a pot. Growing your own food can improve your physical and mental health.


Try to buy eco-friendly fabrics– Eco-friendly fabrics are not only good for the environment but also for our health.

Choose cotton over polyester– From western to ethical clothes, earth-friendly fabrics are available everywhere. To create conscious sustainable fashion many brands are going earth-friendly.

Eco-friendly shopping– Brands like Matti, Good earth, FabIndia, Upasana and many more are available in the Indian market.


Use eco-friendly skincare products

For women, who want to save the world and have flawless skin too, can go for earth-friendly products. Nowadays, many eco-friendly brands for skincare and makeup are available like Kama Ayurveda, Khadi Natural, Pahadi Local, Soba, Neemli Naturals and many more.


 Eco-Friendly Wedding

Things you can do to plan an eco-friendly event or marriage.

 •Send everybody a plant as a return gift

• Avoid food wastage, by counting the number of people you have invited

• Wear something eco-friendly

• Reusable decor

• Send e-invites or use seed paper for wedding cards

• Ditch plastic stuff – use steel cutlery

Dia Mirza and many celebs nowadays, prefer doing an eco-friendly marriage to become an inspiration for many people. When you adopt a green lifestyle, everyone around you gets inspired, and this is how people get motivated to adopt a greener lifestyle. People are nowadays moving towards an eco-friendly lifestyle for the benefit of themselves and the planet. From planning an eco-friendly wedding to eating food, people’s choice is going GREEN.

Making life more environmental -friendly is simply easy, you just have to implement these little things in your life in order to have a good future for the earth and its being. With all these things in mind, you can make your life eco-friendly. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and adopt a green lifestyle.

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