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Witness the World’s largest Solar Park in India

World’s largest solar park which is Bhadla Solar Park and is situated in India’s Bhadla, a sandy, and dry region in Rajasthan. Located around 200 km north of Jodhpur and 320 km west of Jaipur, Bhadla is a region of the Jodhpur district. It spans over 14000 acres and consists of 10 million solar panels. Also with an investment of over $1.3 billion and a capacity of 2245 Mega Watts. 

The panels are cleaned periodically by robots which are operated and managed by humans. 

With an investment of $1.4 billion, the project was commenced in 2015. The experts define the place as uninhabitable since the temperature there ranges from 46 to 48 degrees.

There are four phases of Bhadla Solar Park:

The first two phases of the Bhadla Solar Park were advanced by the Rajasthan Solar Power Park Company Limited. The first phase of the solar panel was settled in order to produce 65 MW of energy in capacities ranging from 5 MW to 25 MW. Then the next step of the project constituted the second phase of 680 MW. And the third instalment is developed by the Saurya Urja Company of Rajasthan. The project’s last and final stage was designed by Adani renewable energy park for the capacity of 500 MW.

“Bhadla Ph-IV Solar Park results in a historic lowering of tariffs. Phelan Energy (50MW) and Avaada Power (100 MW) have bagged projects at Rs 2.62/unit. Softbank Cleantech has won 100 MW capacity at Rs 2.63/unit,” said a senior official. The price which was recorded per unit fall to as low as 2.62. 

“Another milestone towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of clean affordable power for all: Bhadla Solar Park achieves tariff of Rs 2.62/unit,” Piyush Goyal tweeted.

At present, there are over 30 massive solar projects at many stages in the country. India is constantly working towards reducing its dependence on imported fossil fuels. Solar-powered lighting is much more beneficial and effective than indoor lightning by kerosene. 

In the long run, India is going to directly benefit from increased renewable energy resources.

NTPC announced the commissioning on February 22, 2017, of 115 MW of capacity at the solar park. With the investment rising to 100 billion and a capacity of 2245 MW, it makes the Bhadla solar park the world’s largest solar park.

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