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Bless your travel feed with unmissable Destination in Gujarat

The pandemic and the subsequent lockdown and curfew must have taken a toll on you and your mind is adjusting to the new normal. Well, it’s with each one of us.  Some of us are working from home, others studying from home but one is common in all of us, which is what will we do once things go back to ‘normalcy’? ‘Normalcy’ which seems to be a strange word in the current circumstances. But we all hope for better and brighter days, Days of tans, sunkissed photographs and beach bodies. Till then we can resort to the ideas of travel planning.  Well, while dwelling on one such planning I came across the Gujarat statehood day today on Twitter, and a strange thought struck me, why Gujarat is just said to be desert land?  It has mountains, beaches.  The place is highly underestimated. So to mark its statehood and share the beauty of this magnificent place, here’s a list of the “not so popular places” of Gujarat. A place where you are invited by Shri Amitabh Bachchan, humbly asking you “ Kuch din toh guzaro Gujarat mai” 

Pirotan Island

Famous For: Coral reefs, mangrove vegetation, plenty of birds, as well as gorgeous low tide beaches

Places To Visit: Lakhota Lake, Lakhota Palace and Museum, Bala Hanuman Temple

A small yet beautiful island located inside the Marine National Park area and spreads over an area of just 3 sq. km. A fascinating island for sightseeing, upgrading your photography and water sports adventures. You can only reach Pirotan Island via waterways. Hire a boat from a nearby port in Bedi which will drive you to sequestered land in 2 hours.

This place will be a perfect getaway to mediate in its undisturbed lush environment after all the mentally exhausting lockdowns and curfews. It has some fine and rare beaches where you can discover corals on the shores itself during low tides. In fact, it is surrounded by coral reefs, mangrove vegetation, plenty of birds, as well as gorgeous low tide beaches. 

Rann Of Kutch

Famous For: Scenic and lively ambience

Places To Visit: Great Rann Of Kutch, Kalo Dungar, Kandla Port

How To Reach: The nearest railway station or airport is located in Bhuj from where one has to take a taxi to reach Rann of Kutch.

Things To Do: Attend Rann Mahotsav, Watch cultural performances

Rann of Kutch is probably is n the list of all the travellers and it is most definitely a destination, you wouldn’t want to miss. A magnanimous wonder of sand and salt, Rann of Kutch lies between the endless Thar Desert and the mighty Arabian Sea. If you are in Kutch, enjoy Rann Mahotsav in the grandeur of its ambience. 

The beauty of this place cannot be overemphasised, on full moon nights, the desert shines bright as a diamond. You would sense a calm that cannot be described in words. A wholesome experience indeed. The glory of the full night is celebrated with cultural programs; tents are pitched and the marvellous land serves you with peace.

Furthermore, the beauty of Rann of Kutch increases multifold during winters as it welcome flamingoes, all the way from Siberia. The white desert finds the hues of pink. 

Note: Don’t plan your trip to Rann of Kutch during the monsoon, as the place is fully submerged in water and you will have to return home disheartened.


Famous For: Sprawled beautifully on a densely forested plateau

Places To Visit: Gira Falls, Vansda National Park, Hatgadh Fort, Artist Village

What’s best than having hills, desert and mountains in one state? Yes, you read it right. Gujarat offers you one of its only hill station, Sapatura in your adventure in Gujarat. And if you happen to visit Gujarat in Monsoon, then this is a must-go-to place. Sapatura is emerging as a new hotspot for tourists. Slumbered upon a densely forested plateau with a gigantic lake girdled by resorts. Places that acts as magnetism in Saputara are Gira Falls, Vansda National Park, Hatgadh Fort, Artist Village.

Laxmi Vilas Palace 

Famous For: Historical sites

Laxmi Vilas Palace was built by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad II, a perfect blend of royalty and history. Its appeal is no second guess, the exploration and visit to the museum will leave you awestruck. It is believed that it was the largest private dwelling unit in the world when it was built. The palace covers an area of more than 700 acres and other buildings such as the Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum and the Moti Baug Palace.

 The luxury of the palace with its collection of sculptures and armory in marble, terracotta and bronze that are strewn across the palace will leave you looking for more. 

Rani Ki Vav

Famous For: Historical sites

A queens memoir for her husband — Rani ki Vav is one of those rare UNESCO World Heritage Site. Dated back to the early 11th century, it is an ancient step-well constructed by Udayamati in memory of Bhimdev I. The seven- levels down staircases, is home to more than 1,500 sculptures. The most select part about it is that it has been discovered somewhat recently since the River Saraswati had flooded it in earlier years.


Famous For: Ancient remains

Visiting this place is like revisiting history, the inception of a civilization. It is interesting and intriguing. Lothal is one of the pertinent sites of the Indus Valley Civilization and also one of the most preserved ones. A small museum here consists of relics of an era long gone, which includes apparels, gemstones, apparels, gemstones, scrolls. 


Famous For: Kutch desert wildlife sanctuary

One cannot give amiss to Dholavira after visiting Lothal. I would rather say the digging of the past and knowing the lives of our ancestors wouldn’t be complete without a visit here to this place. 

Dholavira was considered to be one of the most developed civilisations, almost 4500 years ago. As it was one of the most most popular sites of the earlier Indus Valley Civilisations, the is the home of exceptional stroke of history and wildlife. The place also offers you Kutch desert wildlife sanctuary.


Famous For: Scenic beauty

Places To Visit: Modhera Sun Temple, Surya Kund, Modheshwari Mata Mandir

A place to step your experience of serenity, a place of steps one after another, till you are completely engrossed in its spiritual vibes.

The serenity of the Sun temple and Mazar-e-Noorani will leave a void in your heart as soon as you will leave this place. Adding to that tranquillity, the structures, legends and relics of the medieval era will leave you mesmerised. Dont forget to feel the vibes on various festivals that this place is kenned for such as Kuchipudi, Garba and Bharatnatyam in the Sun temple. 

Marine National Park 

Famous For: Marine National Park, exotic birds, vibrant corals

A gorgeously majestic Marine National Park of Gujarat awaits your encounter with exotic birds and vibrant corals in the seabed. With numerous species of marine animals, if you are lucky enough you would see pod dolphins welcoming you.

Girnar —Live the Adventure

Things To Do: Jungle Safari, Temple Tour

Famous For: Scenic beauty

Tall and Outlandish mountains Girnar is extravagant green environs of the Gir Forest. Located in the Junagadh district of Gujarat, Girnar will bless the adventurer in you. It also has several religious sites as well. The Neminath Temple and the Meravasi Temple are two of the most important and sacred shrines in this town.

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