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“Children thrive when they have a secure and a positive relationship with their mothers”

As someone who famously quoted- “The world would be incomplete without the existence of a woman” and we could not agree more. Women have excelled in various field be it education, IT, medical etc. to name a few. Education is the foundation of any civilized society . Every child starts its journey from school; and teacher are the one that assist them towards the betterment of their holistic development vis-à-vis the society. One of them is Ms. Sharmila Singh, Principal of Pioneer Montessori Chain of School. On women’s day Sharmila interacted with the team of Sociotab and shared her inputs on education, women’s empowerment and more. Keep scrolling.

Question- How did it all started? Were you always wanted to be educationist?

Answer- Yes, I always wanted to be an educationist because this is what I saw, heard and breathed if I can say so, as my father Late Prof. Puran Singh ji , who is also my role model, always worked as. He started a school with barely 5 children, because he believed that there is no service greater than educating the young minds. Together with this I can also say, that there was an interest in this field . I never thought that I would just get restricted to family and it’s duties, I would also try to make my share of contribution to the society.

Question- How you see the role of woman in the child’s overall development or say learning process?

Answer- A woman be it in the capacity of a mother, grandmother, sister or a teacher has been shaped by nature to provide love, care and nurture the child in a way which the opposite gender cannot. The way a child develops can be largely attributed to the way he/ she has been brought up by his/ her mother. Children thrive when they have a secure and positive relationship with people especially their mothers. Studies have shown that early childhood is a period in which child develop mentally, a child learns a lot from his surroundings. This is the child’s window of learning which impact their growing years. Therefore having a major presence in a child’s life at this stage a mother’s relationship with her child is crucial.
A mother plays an important role in a child’s social, emotional, mental and physical development.

Question- According to you what should be an ideal school environment and how you implement it in your own school administration?

Answer- According to me an ideal school environment would be the one that we called as Gurukul system of Education. In such a system the students are more disciplined, responsible and organized. The students are more focused and more dedicated. It gives student a place to connect and explore their social environment. They are involved in studies, sports and extra curriculum activities which leads to the holistic development of the child. For making the students responsible, we delegate authority to the students.

Question- Schools in itself are quite competitive. How do you deal with the pressure?

Answer- Let me be very frank , I feel and take no pressure. According to me if you do your job sincerely and honestly you don’t need to feel the pressure. My teachers do their bit by giving their hundred percent. This itself adds to the what you may call publicity of the school. There is no medium as strong as the word of mouth. This makes things easy for us. But at the same time, I would say that we don’t live in our own well, we are always open to the best practices adopted elsewhere. We try our best to incorporate them in our school.

Sharmila Singh with Honorable Governor of Uttar Pradesh Shri Ram Naik

Question- What are you currently reading for enjoyment?

Answer- I am reading “The 5 am Club”, by Robin Sharma because I belong to that club.( laughs) Jokes apart, this is book is not only about rising early but gives valuable insights about life. It is a must read for all if I can say that it takes you to another level.

Question- List 5 adjectives that perfectly describes you?

Answer- I may describe myself with the following:
1- Patient
3- Eager to learn
4- Friendly
5- A positive Person – as I try to see the good part always.

Question- What is your philosophy of education?

Answer- My take on the philosophy of Education is that education should be for life. It should not be restricted to only having good grades or what we may call in simple term the ‘Bookish knowledge’. It is much more than that. Such knowledge can not be imparted in AC rooms. It’s has to be related to the world or the society we are living in. One must be oriented in such a way that he is capable of giving back to the society.

Question- Your thoughts on the current changes in the Education system of India ?

Answer- I welcome the changes made in the Education system through NEP. These have been long a due. The focus is shifting from rote to vocational skill development which is the need of the hour. The much needed freedom of choice has been provided in the policy. If there is a drop out due to some pressing reason in case of higher education the years are counted. This has brought a sense of relief to the students, as we know life is full of uncertainties.

Question- Your advice to all the young girls who wish to stand on their own feet and make a living out of their own business.

Answer- My advice to the girls is to keep striving with hard work and patience as there is no short cut to success. As we know success does not come easily. Each day has to be lived and it’s experience added to the book called life. I would like to end with the very well known lines- ‘The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.’

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