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Come along peeps, Learn all about Organic Farming

How often have we heard this term? Throughout we had this concept of healthy farming in our mind, especially with the hundreds of complaints of chemical fertilizers causing pollution, being harmful to our health or having cancerous properties, and what not! This is where the concept of organic farming comes in, to put it in simple terms it means to stop using these harmful chemicals and return to using only natural fertilizers i.e Manure and compost – to grow our crops. 

However, Organic Farming is not that at all. The practice relies on biological processes to obtain high quality and greater yields which are as good as those achieved using modern techniques with the development of viable and sustainable agriculture. Organic food is produced by the following a system of management practices that seek to nurture ecosystem to achieve sustainable productivity that also aids in weed and pest control, cares for inter-dependent life forms, soil health, water table and residue recycling.

Organic Farming Methods and their difference from conventional farming :

  1. The use of organic manures like slurry, compost, crop residues and bio-fertilizers over inorganic and chemical inputs is used to maintain environmental quality.
  2. Pest Management such as using natural botanical means and selective microbial pesticides instead of chemical pesticides.
  3. Weed control by mechanical means instead of weedicide.
  4. Mechanical method of weed control is generally practiced to reduce the weed population. Biological control of weed need popularization.
  5. Other  practices like crop rotation, mixed cropping, planting leguminous crops and alley cropping.
eco-friendly farming

The major issue with this zero budget, eco-friendly farming practice lies in its implementation. In the current situations of overexploited soil and manufactured seeds, the change is supposed to be gradual, also maintaining the output levels too. Currently, Sri Lanka is facing an economic disaster after the overnight switch to total organic farming. Plus, the root of this economic catastrophe is a bizarre overnight flip by the country’s government in April to ban the import of chemical fertilisers and any other agrochemicals to make the Indian Ocean nation the first in the world to practice organic-only agriculture. The result: prices of daily food items like sugar, rice and onions have soared over twice.

traditional  farming

How is the situation unfolding in India?

Rather than being right away changed from traditional practices to organic farming techniques, India has implemented numerous policies and methods in order to boost the concept. Companies and governments have come up with innovations and incentives to help farmers cope with the transition. Some of the agro companies like the Goodricke Group and Keventer Agro are bringing some major changes in organically growing crops like tea, fruits, oilseeds and many more. Others like the Jaipur-headquartered startup Living Greens, which was founded by agri-engineer Prateek Tiwari has developed a portable farming system that allows people to transform their rooftops into organic food-producing spaces.

The government also is providing the farmers with incentives like the PKVY and the MOVCDNER to encourage organic inputs. 

With growing food demand and dwindling supplies, fertile lands are soon losing their qualities and are going unfit for cultivation. Hence, turning to organic cultivation, following all the requisites is something that we all need for a sustainable future.

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