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Fat Tax: Is Charging More From Customer For Plus Size Clothing Justified?

With the term inclusivity and body positivity on the rise, most of us would assume that now it’s time to adopt a healthy lifestyle than just starve yourself to be the next Karlie Kloss.

Most of the brands are showcasing natural real body images to remove the stigma around plus-size people. But last year Instagram handle ‘Dietsabya’ called out designers and retailers for charging more from plus-size models. It is termed as Fat Tax. An additional tax was imposed on plus size clothing due to the extra amount of work and fabric.

The internet went wild with many users coming forward with their stories while shopping for plus size clothing. It came as shocking because these were the same brands that we’re celebrating all sizes of women bodies throughout the year with their campaign. It looks like featuring plus-size models in their advertising campaign was just merely a ‘tokenism of inclusivity’.

Designers are justifying their pricing strategy with reasons like plus size clothing includes more fabric thus more working hours. If it’s bridal then more embroidery is required and karigars would charge more for additional work.

For those who have non-fashion background might believe this theory but those who have studied garment construction know it’s not true. A user quoted-“Whoever is talking about consumption of fabric clearly doesn’t have a clue.

There are different types of fabric. Fabrics account for maybe 5-8% of the total cost of production. Also, most big designers cut costs on fabrics. Look out for linings. It’s the best giveaway. Most are using polyester blends.”

Medium size is bigger than an extra small, large is bigger than a medium. You can notice there are variations in the fabric due to different sizes. But the price of all of them is exactly the same. So, to all those who push the narrative that plus size requires more material that’s why they are costly is a complete delusion.

Charging twice the actual price from plus-size customers are nothing but marketing tactics. ‘XL’ and above the sizes make at least 70% of designers’ businesses. Imagine a self-esteem of a plus-size woman shopping for clothes.

She had to pay twice the actual amount of small or large size. People might not be aware that more than 70% of women have difficulty in finding the right size.

According to Technopark reports, the plus-size market is worth nearly Rs 11,000 crore. Earlier London based online retailers came under fire for charging more on a pair of XL size striped trousers.

Due to the backlash from the public, the brand had to apologize and made changes in its pricing strategy. The essential women innerwear, i.e., the bras, is also not spared. Bras in size D or above are more costly than the bras in the lower size category. It’s hard to adjust to the fact that everyday plus size women are made to feel less worthy due to their body weight.

There is a thin line between a curvy healthy body and obesity. Sometimes bodyweight management becomes hard for many women due to underlining medical conditions such as post-pregnancy weight, PCOS, PCOD etc. Besides that, we need to promote real healthy realistic body images, not bodies that are the result of heavy cosmetic surgeries. 

Here is how some of the users reacted to it-

Source- Instagram Diet Sabya
Source- Instagram Diet Sabya
Source- Instagram Diet Sabya
Source- Instagram Diet Sabya
Source- Instagram Diet Sabya
Source- Instagram Diet Sabya
Source- Instagram Diet Sabya

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