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French Patisserie revolutionises the concept of bread, bakery and baking, Read what world-renowned Sahil Mehta says

Desserts, probably everybody’s favourite part of the meal; and everyone likes to devour almost the entire range of experiments this part of the meal offers. This sweet lusciousness of the meal, the demand for more and uniqueness has always inspired the chefs to experiment intensively in this field. But what happens when the trained hands from Paris meet Indian flavours? It creates magic and revolutionises the concept of bread, bakery and baking for you. 

In the latest, Sociotab interacted with Saahil Mehta Chef Sahil Mehta, India’s finest and first certified bakery, pastry, and chocolate experts to understand the nuances of Patisserie and what the future holds. Excerpts: 

What inspired you to become a professional pastry chef? What do you love about your work? What are some of your favourite flavour combinations? 

Back in 2008, the huge demand for formal bread, flaky croissants and good desserts set the vision. The fact that it’s always got my mind working on the creative side. Some of my favourite combinations are – Ispahan, chocolate and mint, Fleur d’oranger and pistachio with raspberry.

Have you ever infused Indian flavours in any of your dessert elements?

Of course, I have created 2 fusion mithai brands.

Tell us about your experience in working with Ritz Paris?

Elegance, attention to detail, discipline, sophistication 

What are the differences in taste preferences you saw in Paris and here in India when it comes to dessert?

There is a huge difference in the palate  when it comes to the sweetness bit, the French being more evolved as well 

Coming back to your home country while bringing so much expertise in the pastry and dessert industry, how was the response you got here?

It’s been 12 long years of sweat and tons of hardwood to make and educate the clientele here and I haven’t been disappointed. 

You are also a chocolate expert, Does preference in chocolate flavours vary by region?

Yes, it does. Down South people still are very experimental and try darker versions however some parts of North India are still towards the milky side.

What regions of the world do your beans come from, and why? What flavour profiles are you looking for?

I use and only swear by Valrhona Chocolate and have been a big fan since the early ’90s.

Chef Sahil Mehta

With full honesty, who makes the best chocolate in the world?

Valrohna undoubtedly makes the best institutional chocolates, apart from that Jean-Paul Hevin does some phenomenal high-end chocolates.

When you’re not at work, where do you go for a great dessert?

86 Les champs by Pierre Herme 

Tell us about your collaboration with Tedco School of Culinary Arts “French Patisserie Masterclass”?

This course is going to change the way pastry and bakery are taught in the country.  I will be teaching French patisserie and boulangerie techniques to a select batch of only 10 students along with a team of chefs at Tedco’s Connaught place campus.  These courses will run for 4 months of intensive training in the kitchen and then 3 months industrial training at a 5-star hotel or Bakery kitchen.

Can you please elaborate, what skills or expertise you will be sharing with the class?

The basics of the real French way of doing it.  It will cover right from the basics to elaborate techniques.  We will teach nearly 70-80 items and also some insights into how to set up your own bakery.  Full details are available through the following link – Click Here.

From where we can apply for this masterclass?

Through Tedco’s team via their website or by calling 8882595959 / 9999702506 

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