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Hey Elon! We’ve got proof that you are an Alien. Are you? Tell us now

How is it even possible that Elon Musk could build four multibillion companies by his mid-40s - in four separate fields,i.e, software, energy, transportation, and aerospace? He must be hardworking, visionary and extraordinary. But he definitely possesses something ‘extra’ than Homo sapiens. ‘Obv,’ he is an alien.

How did his journey begin on Earth? Elon Musk landed in Pretoria, South Africa– Cradle of humankind, a piece of information gathered by the scientists of ‘Planet Musk,’ before sending Elon to earth. Why was Elon sent to earth, you may ask? The answer is quite simple, ‘Planet Musk’ was in a depreciating condition. Hence, Elon was commissioned to save ‘Planet Musk’ and the earth was supposed to be a place for ‘accumulating assets’ to make life hospitable on a planet nearer to both Earth and Planet Musk– Mars. 

Musk is stockpiling money for a reason. “Helping to pay for this is why I’m accumulating assets on Earth,” he tweeted on the social media platform of humans, subtly verifying it. A platform where Musk is often seen engaging and exchanging information to the world of humans.

Musk is on a mission to normalise the discourse of ‘aliens’ to fulfil his goal of creating a colony for the creatures of Planet Musk and humans. A planet of co-existence.

He wants to understand Mars in totality, create easy transportation for commutation from earth to Mars and have the internet, energy-efficient transportation, solar energy on the planet where he plans to habitat humans and aliens together. Lesson learned of exploitation and over-utilisation from Planet Musk and the Earth,  Musk plans to be energy efficient on the next planet inhabited by humans and aliens. Only then the Mighty musk will ‘retire and die on the Red Planet.’ Till then Musk is on the hunt for futuristic technology. 

Moving on to the story which will be popularised as ‘folklore of Mars,’ after landing on the Earth, Musk gathered information about Earth and discovered the most developed place to be at– a place which would serve perfectly for his experiments and help him accomplish his goals.  Musk shifted to North America, enrolled himself at Stanford to function like humans, but failed. He realised that he is way ahead of time and understood the boom of the internet and invested his time and energy in it. Musk in his early days also ran a nightclub to learn about humans and their social habits and interactions and what’s a  better way of knowing and familiarizing yourself with the new environment than a party. Musk knew it all.

 His entrepreneurial skills were exceptional. Musk tried to hide his talent but failed again. When he was 10, Musk developed an interest in computers. He taught himself how to program, and when he was 12 he sold his first software: a game he created called Blastar. Amazing, right? The ‘Alien Musk’ is a prodigy. 

Is Musk tirelessly accomplishing his astounding goals to save the humans -  and the ‘Muskians’ and establish a colony for creatures of both planets to Mars? Well, that sounds intriguing enough to raise a number of questions. If you look closer and observe his actions, videos and passion for the outer world, space and Mars, you’d begin to see how ‘alien’ is from society. 

Musk couldn’t help but had to share his futuristic ideas of congregating his race and human to Mars. He is coming up with one idea after another to back his mission of  ‘Life on Mars.’

Ever thought about why Elon Musk is extraordinary and ahead of times? 

Musk gradually understood how it works here on earth and he started experimenting with new technology.

 Project Starlink

Over the next few decades, Musk hopes to create a web of 42,000 satellites to space under his ambition project Starlink. Musk wants the world to be closer on the web.  Are you irritated because of the buffering in your favourite videos? Well, all these are the Earthly problems. There will be no problem of buffering on Mars. Musk hopes to bring the world low-latency high-speed internet, promising zero buffering and instant internet by creating a web of satellites in Space.

The Starlink will make the site of satellites so common to humans that even if there is a UFO entering the earth, it would be a common sight and we might not be able to distinguish between a UFO and a Starlink with naked eyes. Musk may want to have a ‘no paparazzi’  zone for them. We humans are not ready for an alien tour on earth yet.

Why only Mars? 

You would have often pondered upon Musk’s obsession with Mars and why only Mars? It is because Mars is near to the Earth. Yes, that simple.

Musk doesn’t just want to send a few courageous souls to Mars, he wants to send a whole new nation, he wants the planet to have ‘democracy.’ He wants to form a government there. The laws on Mars wouldn’t be as strict as it is here on Earth. For transportation, he pitched out a goal of building 100 Starships per year to send about 100,000 people from Earth to Mars every time the planets’ orbits line up favourably.

It will take 1,000 spaceships and “a million tons” of vitamin C to make life on Mars sustainable, says SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. Otherwise “you’re going to die slowly and painfully.”  Musk is slowly giving out information on how we can live on Mars. He wants to make Mars hospitable and inhabitable for humans as well as for aliens, who are currently struggling somewhere on a distant extraterrestrial planet. 

Space X

Musk revealed that SpaceX was aiming to launch the first cargo missions to Mars with the vehicle in 2022, as part of his goal of ‘colonizing the Red Planet.’

Well, is that it? No, the Mighty Musk is not limited to building a spacecraft to handle cargo - it is a mode of transportation of his people for back and forth to Earth and Mars and effectively build colonies on Mars. Guys, SpaceX will be our mode of transportation to our new planet home– Mars. Musk is making it happen. 

 Narrative that He is alien

What is with Elon Musk and aliens? Why do we humans always see him as an ‘alien,’ it is because he is one. From tweeting “Aliens built the pyramids” to answering a curious user on how he managed to disrupt multiple industries at the same time with a simple yet mind-blowing explanation, “I’m an alien.”

He confirms it all the time. You just laugh it off. 

We humans often consider Musk ideas Utopian, remember the one time he talked to nuke Mars and later talked about how democracy can work there. The ideas are not Utopian, the ideas are real, practical and planned to be preached on Mars. The way Musk talks with the pauses and gaps - is he trying to process the data fed to me? or he takes the pause to process to not reveal more than what is known to us mere humans. Musk himself has admitted to talks alleging him being an ‘alien’ but jokingly. Maybe, he wants us, humans, not to take his admission of being an ‘alien’ seriously and in disguise, he is revealing the truth. 

Musk is friendly. Musk is funny. Musk is intelligent. Musk is an alien. He is slowly injecting in our minds the narrative that he is an alien and it’s not weird. Laugh it off. It is funny, let’s talk about aliens. Aliens are fun, humane, and passionate like Musk. And we also have to be friendly with them, when we actually start living with them on Mars. Our cool neighbours on Mars, the alien. 

One day you would wake up on Mars, doing your morning yoga, and there would be your annoying alien neighbour dancing on the tunes of Shakira. And you would notice that they don’t have a belly for belly dancing. But what matters is their enthusiasm to learn your culture to mingle. 

The Simpsons: The Musk who fell to earth

The whole reality has been verified by none other than the Simpsons. Everyone knows that the Simpsons know it all. They predicted it before the ‘Alien Musk’ discourse was even started. The Simpsons dropped the hints of Musk falling into the earth from another planet. Elon Musk lands with his Dragon 2 spacecraft into the Simpsons’ backyard. While eating dinner with them, Marge asks why Musk is in Springfield. He responds by revealing that the purpose of his stay in Springfield is that he is looking for ‘inspiration’. 

Musk must have come in hopes to build resources for his family back at home on some disrupted extraterrestrial planet and fell in love with Homo Sapiens and now he wants both of them to co-exist. Brillant Musk, just brilliant. 

Earth: An Experimental lab

The earth is an experiment ground for technologies crucial for us and ‘Muskians’ on Mars and Musk is accomplishing them not one by one - but all of them simultaneously. Musk is working hard to accomplish his goals. Mighty Musk works 85 hours a week and works in four separate fields (software, energy, transportation, and aerospace) simultaneously. Insane! Earth is his lab for research and development of all the futuristic projects for earthlings and necessary projects for Martians And he takes just a dollar salary for all the hard work. It shows how dedicated he is to find a home safe on Mars after the earth is unreplenished. 


How successful is the concept of the electric vehicle business today? No entrepreneur would invest billions into business, which currently represents only about 0.1 per cent of all cars sold. But Musk is the man from the future. He knows what we need right now. His ” futuristic master plan”  is to get transportation off fossil fuels, reduce global emissions, and therefore prevent catastrophic warming of the planet. And give humans more time on Earth so that he can complete the project of our next planet - Mars before we destroy the earth of over utilisation and climate change. 

Robot Apocalypse

Musk is also worried about the potential for a “Terminator”-style robot apocalypse and says even Mars would provide no refuge.

Musk fears that the cause of the third world war could be Artificial Intelligence. He believes that giving so much power to AI has become a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization. Musk knows it all where we are going wrong. 

Ad Astra school for 50 of his employees’ kids

To counter where we are going wrong, and to continue his projects on earth.  Musk has a school called Ad Astra which was developed in 2014. He founded Ad Astra to “exceed traditional school metrics on all relevant subject matter through unique project-based learning experiences.” The non-profit school has just 31 students, including Musk’s kids, the children of some SpaceX employees and a few other LA kids. 

Musk makes weird comments all the time where it’s completely obvious that he already knows what’s going to happen. C’mon, the man is too genius to be a human and far too visionary than us. He is an alien because he is too smart to be a human. He is dropping hints, we have to notice it. 

Elon Musk named his child ‘X Æ A-12.’? The name of his son left netizens scratching their heads. Of course, no human could think of anything like that. But, Elon Musk. He is unique.

From his first company, Zip2 Corporation to SpaceX in 2002 and Tesla Motors in 2003. Semi Truck, Solar City, Model Y and Roadster, The Boring Company, Musk mission is halfway through, slowly and gradually he will unveil his plan to how our lives on Mars will look like. Till then keep guessing. 

Disclaimer to Musk: Hi Elon, although you have admitted that you are an alien on a number of occasions. But this piece on your hidden life truth is totally a work of fiction. The story is born out of my colleague’s imagination during a discussion on your extraordinary achievements and the existing narrative out there on the platform you communicate with the world. I hope you enjoy the article and soon reveal the truth to the world. 

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