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History of Ada Chikankari Work

Chikankari is historically famous art of stitching. It is a unique type of embroidery style coming from Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh.  

The work of Chikankari originated in India from the culture of Persian nobles at the Mughal courts who wore white on white embroidery of Shiraz. There is also a famous story that gives credit to Noor Jahan, the Mughal empress and wife of Jahangir, to introduce Chikankari in India.

Ada Chikan Work

Are you trying to find the best Chikan apparels in Lucknow? Then we are here to assist you to pay a visit Ada Designer Chikan Studio. One of the best places to find a variety of beautifully designed chikankari work. Ada is known for designing the art of Chikankari on a different platform. Infused with modern and new styles, they still ensure to keep the traditional form as it is. 

Many of the finest artisans of Chikankari were losing their work and were trying to find a new job to meet their daily needs. Ada took a step forward to find and bring together these artisans to make mesmerizing Chikankari designs and keep their skills, talent, and creativity alive. It helps people get the desired designs, also assisting such artisans to thrive.

The most acceptable forms of fabric are used to make all kinds of clothing. Something that is unique and enhance the beauty of overall outfit, the designers and artisans use a combination of ‘Aari,’ ‘Abla,’ ‘Zardozi’ with ‘Muqaish’ and ‘Kaamdani’ at Ada.

What Vision Does Ada Hold?

The founder and Managing Director of Ada, Mr. Vinod Punjabi, is a third-generation entrepreneur. He started Ada as a retail shop in the street markets of Hazratganj, Lucknow, back in 2005. Later in 2007,launching the e-commerce website of the same.

Mr. Punjabi is highly dedicated to providing benefits and credits to all those hard-working laborers who get pennies sometimes with no recognition and services for their work. His dedication led him to create a group of embroiders, known as ‘Kashidakars,’ who would work together to improve their living standards and giving due credit. Their work includes practicing many stitching techniques that have been declining in the market by the time. 

By improving their art of Chikankari and using the latest marketing methods, this art can be introduced globally.

Now, Ada’s retail outlet is transformed into a widespread showrooms with great ambiance and decoration in the Lucknawi style. They have a vast collection of designer Chikankari that can be purchased both from their gallery or website.

 Ada’s main aim behind the launch of their website is to spread the knowledge of ‘Chikankari’ art to different cultures and diversity worldwide. 

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