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It’s valentine’s day: here are couples celebrating the season of love

The day of love and affection is officially here. Besides being still in pandemic, cupids are not shying away to celebrate valentine’s day with their loved ones. Whether you are married or in a committed relationship, celebration of love and affection only strengthens your connection towards each other. We reached out to some couples from all walks of life to know what love means to them and how they are going celebrate valentine’s day this time.

Agrim Chaudhary (Piston Crew’s Co-Founder) and Devika Chaudhary (Celebrity Makeup Artist)

On being asked how you guys ended up together Devika says- We have been family friends since childhood, we were both well acquainted at social occasions until one day our families decided to seal our fate together. We got married on 11th February last year so as to always have another day to celebrate love on 14th February.

Valentine’s day plans-

It’s celebration of love and gratitude towards each other. Where love is in the air, you feel like going out of the day and make your partner feel special. Agrim adds- “While I am busy with my business, Devika is committed to her projects with travelling across India for work. So finally, we both cancelled some our plans to have a small candlelight dinner. As I am a bike enthusiast, I am going to take her on a scenic ride, wandering through the valleys and mountains from Dehradun to Mussoorie.  She is basically act as petrol to my brain, which I need here and there in my hectic work.”

Apurva Gupta and Ankur Chaudhary (Both IT Professionals)

Working with same company but in different departments, Apurva and Ankur met through common friends at lunch hours. Apurva states- “We had the most comfortable no drama friendship which we are still living the same way in our married life. Married for almost 3 years now we don’t believe in any one day to celebrate love…love should be celebrated every day and every moment together.”

Valentine’s day plans-

“As I am in Lucknow and Apurva is in Nagpur visiting her family. We are kind of planning a virtual date. Yes, something new and different this year. A long-distance valentine this year and enjoying a virtual date this year will be our way to celebrate love this time.” – says Ankur.

Abhishek Srivastav (Graphic Designer) and Kajal Srivastav (Housewife)

Got together through an arranged marriage. Abhishek says – “She was that missing piece in my puzzle, with her arrival in my life I came to realize what love actually means. Accepting each other flaws with so much care and affection is what love means to us. Time definitely flies so fast as we have completed 1 year together of our blissful marriage. “

Valentine’s day plans-

“Kajal lives in Bahraich with my family and I am based in Lucknow for work purposes. So, I am going to surprise her by travelling to Bahraich, I have panned a nice romantic dinner at her favorite restaurant. This is the least I could do for her to show my love towards her. “- states Abhishek.

Dr Saurabh Bhalla M.D.S (Orthodontics) and Dr Rashmi Malik (Dentist)

Saurabh and Rashmi met through social media and surprisingly were from same college but in different batches. One thing led to another and got married. After being married for 5 years, they still are over the feeling of young love. Dr Saurabh says- “Coming from a same profession and ethics we hardly have any misunderstanding. I know what her intentions are and she knows mine. That is how we live together in our marriage as well as run the same dental clinic.”

Valentine’s day plans-

“Thankfully valentine’s day is on Sunday this time, so we will be free from our clinics. Well, I am planning little date at her favorite restaurant. We hardly get time to talk one on one with the kid’s studies and clinic. So, this time it will be our time with no exceptions.” – said Saurabh Bhalla.

Abhinav Singh (Entrepreneur) and Aishwarya Singh (Advocate)

Aishwarya says- “Our Story is about a girl and a boy who were not ready to get married as such but our parents pushed us to meet at least once just to get the hang of each other. The meeting was very formal just like an official/business meeting after which we both had a very harsh fight and then it turned into more like a love story. As we were coming closer and closer in terms of friendship and comfort our parents were acting like catalyst to bring us even closer, after a while we started going on dates planned by our parents, started meeting more, secretly and one day finally both confessed our love for each other and got married on 27 April 2019 and presently we are blessed with a baby boy.”

Valentine’s day plans-

Abhinav has quite the easiest and most affectionate idea to celebrate valentine’s day, he states- The plan to have no other plan, just sitting side by side, hand in hand and enjoying our togetherness with lots of love and a pinch of arguments. On being asked what love actually means to you he said- celebrating love, celebrating the blessings of having the one you love in your life and being loved by them. Aishwarya adds- Keep your love pure (Loyalty+Respect) it will last forever because love is our reason for being jovial towards life.

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