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Jesus shoes to ‘unauthorised Satan Shoes’ with a drop of human blood: Weird tactics of MSCHF

In the league to be relevant in the market, brands come with new, creative and appealing ideas to woo their customer base. But have you ever thought that creativity would evoke Satan? And human blood would be sacrificed in the process. Well, anything is possible. In the race to be ahead of their competitors, brands are coming up with ghastly ideas. One such has been caught in the controversy which tried to sell the ‘Satan’ inspired shoe with “60cc ink and one drop of human blood”.

Lil Nas X’s limited-edition satanic-themed Air Max 97 shoe that cost more than a grand were sold out in under a minute and apparently they may contain actual human blood has been sued by Nike.

“MSCHF is currently taking orders for shoes it refers to as Satan Shoes, which are customized Nike Air Max 97 shoes that MSCHF has materially altered to prominently feature a satanic theme. This was done without Nike’s approval or authorization, and Nike is in no way connected with this project,” according to a Suit filed against MSCHF for trademark infringement on Monday (March 29) in New York federal court.

Nike says MSCHF violated its trademarks by selling limited-edition custom Nikes that were allegedly modified with a drop of human blood. Nike claims that Satan Shoes (as they are officially called) have harmed its reputation since the company launched the collection last week, “including among consumers who believe that Nike is endorsing satanism.” 

Nike is asking for the shoes to be destroyed and seeking statutory, compensatory and punitive damages from MSCHF.

MSCHF hasn’t yet answered on the suit, but the face of the Satan Shoes Lil Nas X, who isn’t being sued, tweeted about it on Monday afternoon (March 29).

However, after a lot of criticism from Christian groups over the shoes, being accused of “perverted” Satanic worship, Lil Nas X has responded with an “apology” online, which cut after a few seconds to footage from the Montero (Call Me By Your Name) video of him dancing on the devil’s lap.

He later tweeted: “I spent my entire teenage years hating myself because of the s**t y’all preached would happen to me because I was gay. So I hope u are mad, stay mad [and] feel the same anger you teach us to have towards ourselves.”

Furthermore, Nike states MSCHF Product Studio, the company the rapper Lil Nas partnered with to launch 666 pairs of kicks have modified its trademarked product without its permission and people worldwide think the company endorses satanism.

The material alterations of the Satan Shoe include red ink and human blood to the midsole, adding red embroidered satanic themed detailing, adding a bronze pentagram to the laces, and adding a new sock liner.

The material alterations in the satan shoes include adding red ink and human blood to the midsole, adding a bronze pentagram to the laces, adding a new sock liner and have “Luke 10:18” — a reference to the biblical passage that says, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven” — printed on them. MSCHF has previously sold “Jesus Shoes,” which apparently contained a drop of holy water. 

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