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Master the art of Scent Mixing: Sensing your Mood with your Scent

If you are bored of wearing the same perfume daily, then you can use the art of mixing two or more scents together and make your own perfume. In simple words, we call this Scent Mixing. Create your own unique scent, by mixing two or more fragrances, because no one knows you better than you yourself.

Here’s some tip to make your own perfume-

• Mixing scents don’t really mean opening up a bottle of perfume and mixing them. No, don’t do this. Don’t even spray two perfumes directly on each other. Experiment with different combinations of your different body parts. Try to start with stronger perfumes on the skin and lighter notes on clothes. Perfume doesn’t stay longer on clothes, it evaporates, whereas fragrance applied on skin remains.

• If you try to combine more than 3 heavy scented perfumes, then it may cause you a headache. So try to layer two perfumes of your choice, one heavy and one light. Choose one heavy scented perfume and one light scented, so that a balance is made between two fragrances. If you choose two heavy scented ones, then they will overpower.

• Heavy scents should be sprayed first so that they don’t overpower the light one. You can spray one scent on your wrists and another on your neck. Applying perfume matters a lot. If you want your fragrance to be long lasting, then apply the scent inside your arms. Apply scents at different points of pulse-like wrists, elbow or neck. 

• Creating a perfume is the art of expressing yourself. Your scent says a lot about your personality. Before combining your scents, try to understand the notes. The best way to make your own perfume is to stay in the same family such as a rose for example, as they go well with each other. If you want to be more creative then try mixing a spicy perfume with a floral one. There is not a right or wrong combination. You just have to follow your own choice.

• A unique scent can be made when layered after a shower. The layering of fragrances starts after taking shower when you apply scent body lotions. The layering of scents can include soaps, body lotions, body wash. If you want your perfume to last long then, then apply a body lotion before using perfume.

• A certain fragrance would smell differently on the skin and different on clothes, so you need to keep experimenting and check out what goes well with you.

What does your Signature Scent say? 

Scent mixing is an art, which you need to understand. So, take your time to understand the language of scents and know what you like. Keep experimenting with the notes. Most importantly, you should know how to combine the notes, how to layer them. Always spray the top note with some fresh and attractive fragrance. Develop your own notes according to your personality. The signature scent should define your unique personality. The scent is easy words is your mood.

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