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Meraki Artisan Cheese: The contemporary innovation of cheese traditions in India

Staring down a cheese case can intimidate even the most confident cook. The array of styles, textures,  hard to pronounce names and ingredients are puzzlingly satisfying and who doesn’t love their own chemistry with cheese.

And among all the varieties, the one which deserves a special mention is the much-loved Artisanal cheese. Artisanal cheese refers to the cheese produced by hand using the traditional craftsmanship of skilled cheesemakers, which makes it a delightful treat for all of our taste buds. Though the foodies out there are yet to develop a taste for artisanal cheese,  one cheesemaker in Kolkata is making inroads into space with her top-quality produce. Meraki  Artisan  Cheese owned by Arpita Nag is a paradise for those who prefer fresh, clean, and healthy eating.  

Arpita Nag, the proprietor, cheesemaker, and overall business coordinator of Meraki – Artisan Cheese, always fulfil her dreams and made her love for artisanal cheesemaking convert into her profession as well. She always wanted to be associated with the food industry with a unique product. Stumbling upon cheese making on social media and YouTube and being mesmerized and curious from the very beginning. The thing which attracted her the most is how such a variety of taste, shape, and texture could be created from the humble milk! Meraki is a Greek word that means when you create something with a lot of love and passion, you leave a part of yourself in it. Cheesemaking as a procedure and creating an exquisite gastronomic experience with its  unique products was Meraki for Arpita, hence she named her dream Meraki Artisan Cheese

Passionate about artisan cheese making, Arpita is deeply inspired by all kinds of artisans, like fellow cheesemakers, bread-makers, artists, potters, weavers, etc who use their hands and imagination to create their labour of love. Not to forget, Namrata from Kase, another artisanal cheesemaker from Chennai, has been her mentor as well as her utmost inspiration. Food has always been Arpita’s forte and she strongly upholds the values of clean, healthy eating and working with locally available ingredients with complete transparency creating different types of scrumptious and heavenly cheeses. 

Meraki has in store for us all types of cheese. Be it soft, stretched, semi-hard or hard, they have got everything a cheese lover would wish for. Some of the must-try items to buy are Pickled Feta, Halloumi,  Buffalo Mozzarella, Gouda, Cheddar, and Jack. Apart from making delicious and different varieties of cheeses, Meraki also provides us with some mouth-watering baked items like Cheesecakes made from fresh cheese curated by Meraki itself, crackers, along flavoursome Relishes, made from vegetables, fruits and nuts, etc.

The special thing about Meraki is that all types of cheese available here are vegetarian since only microbial rennet is used to produce it and at the same time, they are a rich source of protein. To be more precise, Meraki as a brand always motivates people to eat clean and healthy food and make them aware of what they are consuming! For this, they also conduct regular cheese tasting sessions, wine & cheese pairing, and culinary workshops.

Arpita, in the next five years, wants to see her brand as the most trusted and familiar one, in the gastronomic circle, by creating a line of products that is simultaneously delectable and safe to consume. Meraki truly upholds the values of clean, healthy eating and working with locally available ingredients with complete transparency. So, place your order now! You can also get your order delivered (in south Kolkata only) if it is worth Rs. 1000/- or more. Call on 08335063614 or you can also contact them through their social media.  

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